Famous actresses of Ukraine

Although Ukraine is full of talents the actresses born there prefer going abroad and become successful outside the country. But there are of course those who are happy to emphasize their Ukrainian origin even working in foreign projects.

Maria Zankovetska (1854-1934)

maria zankovetska

A Ukrainian actress and theatre worker, a prominent star of the XIX-XX centuries devoted forty years of her life to the stage and was able to spark interest to Ukrainian theatre. Zankovetska was her stage name which appeared from the name of the village where the actress was born.

The woman possessed a beautiful mezzo-soprano voice which immediately made her a successful performer.

Together with other artists of Ukrainian theatre Zankovetska took part in founding the first Ukrainian theatre in Kyiv and Lviv.

Maria Zankovetska became the first actress in Ukraine to receive People’s Artist title. She had more than 30 roles during her career life including such famous plays as “Natalka-Poltavka”, “Nevolnik” and “Beztalanna”. Even though they all were the roles of village women her characters could be put on the list together with the ones of the world classics.

Ada Rogovtseva (1937)

ada rogovtseva

Ada Rogovtseva began her career in USSR. The actress became famous after the movie “Salute, Maria!” appeared on the screens. It was a bi-serial military drama where Ada played a girl named Maria with tragic fate.

Her theatre career started in 1959 after making her debut in the play “Youth of Polya Vikhrova” where Ada appeared the youngest in the cast. Soon at the age of 23 Rogovtseva got the title of Honored Artist of UkrSSR. By that time she had managed to star in three plays.

During her career the actress appeared in hundreds of films of various genres starting with vaudeville “Bat” ending with dramas “Private life of investigator Saveliev”. The latest film with Ada Rogovtseva is “I love my husband”.

Nowadays the actress is extremely famous outside the native land and regularly performs abroad. Despite venerable age Ada takes active part in social life and charity.

Ruslana Pysanka (1965)

ruslana pysanka

No top Ukraine actresses list is complete without a theatre and cinema star, TV-host Ruslana Pysanka. Her career path is really bright and diverse:

  • was awarded Dovzhenko State Premium for her work in the movie “Moskal the Wizard”;
  • took part in a TV project “Women’s Club”;
  • reported weather forecast on a popular “Inter” Channel;
  • hosted program “World of Advice” on Russian NTV Channel and a reality show “Office Romance”;
  • gained fame after provocative film “Several Love Stories” which was full of steamy love scenes;
  • after the role of a witch in a historical movie “With Fire and Sword” became famous worldwide;
  • participated in Ukrainian project “Dancing with the Stars”;
  • took part in the project “Star+Star” where she sang a duet with an opera singer Vladimir Hryshko.

Olga Sumska (1966)

olga sumskaya

One of the most beautiful Ukrainian actresses is an Honored Artist, People’s Artist and Taras Shevchenko premium prizewinner Olga Sumska. Theatre lovers know her by roles in the following plays of Lesya Ukrainka National Academy theatre:

  • “Auditor”
  • “Incredible Ball”
  • “Summer Night Dream”
  • “Lady Without Camellias”
  • “Felo de Se”
  • “Cost a Fortune”

Olga became a crowd puller after the role of Roksolana in a long-running serial in two parts “Khalifa Favourite Wife” and “The Queen of Empire”. She is also known as a TV-host of popular shows on Ukrainian television.

In 2016 the actress starred in a comedy sit-com “The Best Week of My Life”, a remake of a British sit-com “The Worst Week of My Life.

These days Olga is working in a new project. She is going to star in a Russian serial “Weeping Willow” which will show the actions starting from the beginning of XX century and go through a number of reincarnations.

Irma Vitovska (1974)

irma vitovskaya

A Ukrainian actress Irma Vitovska is well known to the public for her role in a sit-com “Lesya+Roma”. Besides that, her filmography counts about thirty more diverse roles.

In 2000 Irma first took part in creating a film. Her debut movie was a drama “Unconquered”.

In 2014 the actress took part in voicing a full-length cartoon “Babai”. It was not her first experience in voicing characters. Previously she joined the team of creators of the cartoon “Gem Mountain”.

The actress is beautiful, plastic, talented in music, spirited and is the master of acting. Vitovska came into repertoire very fast: film directors give her roles with great pleasure. She beautifies any performance with her coquetry, lyricism, thoughtfulness and tigerism. Irma is able to cope with any genre – from comedy to tragedy, from lyrical to grotesque roles.

Irma Vitovska has been participant of international festivals and received personal awards not once.

Nataliya Kozhenova

natalia kozhenova

A hot actress of Ukraine and model Nataliya Kozhenova has been always interested in Indian culture, especially their films. She dreamt of getting to India and her dream came true.

She became a model and won the titles of Miss Beauty, Miss Photogenicy and Miss Elegace. After that her friends presented her a ticket to Bombay and the young woman got to dream Bollywood. Her life there was hard as she had a lot of contestants. However, she reached her goal and in 2012 got a role in a melodrama-thriller “Anjuna Beach”. The movie is about love. Nataliya also appeared in such movies as “Super Model”, “Tere Jism se Jaan Tak”, played herself in “Bole India Jai Bhim” and lately has starred in “Love vs Gangster” which appeared on the screens in 2017.

The actress’ life credo is “I don’t believe but I dream”.

Olga Kurilenko (1979)

olga kurilenko

Olga Kurilenko is a French actress and model of Ukrainian origin. In 1992 at the age of 13 she moved to Moscow together with her mother where she was offered the job of fashion model. At 16 she moved to Paris after signing the contract with “Madison” agency. Olga appeared on the cover of “Glamour”, “ELLE”, “Madame Figaro” and “Vogue” magazines when she was 18. For “Lejaby”, “Bebe Clothing” and “Clarins and Helena Rubinstein” Kurilenko became company’s image.

The actress first appeared on the screen in a sit-com “Largo Vinch”. After acting with a Hollywood star Elijah Wood in the movie “Paris, I Love You” she gained the world fame.

In 2008 Olga Kurilenko was chosen for the role of James Bond’s girlfriend in the next part of the film about agent 007 “Quantum of Solace”.

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