Interesting facts about Ukraine for kids

Ukraine is a beautiful European country with the rich history, a lot of places of interest, wonderful nature and friendly citizens.

Facts from geography of Ukraine

  • Ukraine means «Region» or «Borderland».
  • Ukraine is the second largest European country. Its area is 603,623 km².
  • Ukraine is situated in the Eastern Europe and has borders with such countries as Romania, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.
  • Kiev is the capital of Ukraine. About 3 million people live there.
  • The population of Ukraine is about 42 million people and the level of the urban population is 69%.
  • The highest mountain in Ukraine is called Hoverla. Its height is 2061 meters. It is situated in the Carpathian Mountains. The rest of the Ukrainian territory is steppe with a lot of hills.
  • A lot of interesting animals live on the territory of Ukraine. They are bears, hamsters, wolves, foxes, wild boars, gophers and hamsters. It is possible to catch bream, carp and catfish in Ukraine.

Facts from history of Ukraine

Prince Volodymyr the Great
Prince Volodymyr the Great

Prince Volodymyr can be named a father of Ukraine; he was the person who founded the country and established Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Volodymyr the Great lived 1000 A.D.

Ukraine is usually associated with Cossacks. They were warriors who ruled most of the country in the 16th century. They were free people, who created military communities  and lived on the territory of Ukraine. The name Cossack means «the free man». The most famous Cossacks were Dmytro Vyshnevetsky, Bohdan Khmelnitsky, Samiylo Kishka, Mykhailo Doroshenko and others.

Ukraine was controlled by Russia in the East and by Austro-Hungarian Empire in the west in the 19th century. Ukraine became the Independent state only after the World War I.

Ukraine became a part of the Soviet Union in 1920 and was one of the 16 republics. Economic, political, social life of the country was under control of Stalin at that time.

A lot of Ukrainian people were killed during the World War II. Germans entered Kiev in 1941 and only in 1943 the city became free.

The Chernobyl Accident happened on April 26, 1986. This nuclear disaster took thousands of lives and was the reason of economic and ecological damage.

Ukraine became an independent country in 1991.

Facts from Ukrainian culture

  • Ukrainian people share their traditions and decorate their clothes with embroidered ornaments. Embroidered decorations are popular for home décor. Ukrainians are skilled in pottery, painting and carving.
  • A lot of Ukrainians are Christians, it is the main religion in the country, but there are also Muslims, Buddhists, Jewish and other religions on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Baptizing is very important in the Ukrainian culture and it is the great honor to be somebody’s Godfather or a Godmother.
  • Ukrainian Flag has two colors: blue and yellow.
  • Ukrainian currency is called «Hryvna». The name was borrowed from the measure of weight that existed in the Kievan Rus. It is possible to see a lot of famous people on the Ukrainian currency. They are poets, Cossacks, writers and others. The smallest banknote is 1 hryvna and the biggest banknote is 500 hryvnas.
  • The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian, but a lot of people know Russian and use it in the everyday life.
Euro 2012 in Ukraine
Euro 2012 in Ukraine
  • The most popular kind of sport in Ukraine is football. Ukraine and Poland were the hosts of Euro 2012.
  • The most famous boxers who have got the heavyweight titles are from Ukraine and they are Klitschko brothers.
  • Ukrainians know a lot of fairy tales and tell them to their children when they go to sleep. Ukrainian fairy tales exist for hundreds years and contain a lot of information from the Ukrainian culture, traditions and customs. The most popular heroes in Ukrainian fairy tales are the fox, the cat, the cock, Ivan the Fool, the bear and other animals. The most popular Ukrainian fairy tales are «The goat and sheep», «Two friends», «The dog and cat» and «Sparrow and blade». Ukrainian fairy tales are very kind and teach children not to be afraid of difficulties, to be friendly, brave, to respect others and to live in peace.
  • Taras Shevchenko is one of the most famous Ukrainian writers. He was not only a writer and poet, but an artist too. The first collection of Shevchenko poems was called «Kobzar». He wrote 835 works, painted 150 portraits and 42 self-portraits. Modern Ukrainian literature was formed on Shevchenko’s works. The poet fought for freedom of Ukrainian nation and taught people to be proud of their country
  • Ukrainians are the real fans of music. It accompanies them on many occasions. The main national Ukrainian musical instruments are bandura (similar to the lute), bayan (accordion with buttons and a keyboard), bukhalo (a small drum), kuvytsi (pan pipes). The most popular Ukrainian folk songs are «Nese Galya Vody», «Podolianka», «Beyond the village», «Ivanku», «Kari ochi, chorni brovy». Ukraine is also associated with the song «Carol of the Bells». It was written by Mykola Leontovych. This song was based on the Ukrainian folk song «Shchedryk».
  • The most popular Ukrainian national dance is Hopak. It appeared in the 16th century and was danced by Cossacks for the first time.

Facts about Ukrainians

Ukrainians are very friendly and open people. They respect women, elder people, love children, animals and nature. Ukrainian sense of humor is known all over the world. People like to joke and to laugh and it helps them to live a happier life.

Ukrainians are very superstitious people and believe that a black cat crossing the road means something bad, that pregnant women should not cut her hair or sew, that it is a bad sign to meet a lady with the empty bin and other.

Kyiv cake
Kyiv cake

The most popular Ukrainian dish is borscht. It is a tomato soup with beef, carrots, potatoes, beet and beans. Ukrainians are also fans of varenyky, dumplings and pierogi with various stuffing. The most popular dessert in Ukraine is the Kiev cake. It consists of meringues, a lot of peanuts and a chocolate butter cream.

Ukrainians are really educated people and about 95% of adults can read and write.

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