Interesting facts about Ukraine

A lot of people have heard about Ukraine in the last years, but there is a great number of interesting facts, not so many people know about this amazing country. Ukraine is not only a combination of rich heritage, beautiful landscapes, traditions, delicious cuisine and the most beautiful ladies, it is also one of the most popular destinations for traveling.

You will be lucky to read the list of the most interesting facts about Ukraine.

The biggest, the deepest, the most ancient, the widest, the tallest, the most popular

The biggest European country

Ukraine is the biggest country in Europe. The area of Ukraine is 603,628 sq km. The first time Ukraine was depicted on the map in 1991.

The deepest metropolitan station

Arsenalnaya metropolitan station
Arsenalnaya metropolitan station

Ukraine can boast with the deepest metropolitan station in the world. Its depth is 105 meters. Arsenalnaya Metro station was built in 1960 near the house of Parliament and there is information that it was made primarily for the political elite.

The most ancient civilization

Trypillian civilization was formed on the territory of Ukraine. It is considered to be one of the most ancient civilizations. The period when it existed started in 5500 BC and lasted till 2750 BC.

The shortest main street

Kiev can boast with the widest, though the shortest main street in the world. It is Kreshschatyk Street and its length is only 1,2 km.

The first and the tallest skyscraper

The first skyscraper of Europe was built on the territory of Ukraine. It is the Palace of Industry. It was built in 1928 and became the tallest building of those times.

The most popular Ukrainian song

Ukrainian “Schedryk” is one of the most popular songs known all over the world. It is known in Ukraine as “Schedryk” and the rest of the world knows it as “Carol of the bells”. This song was written by the composer Mykola Leontovich. People sang this song in many villages of Ukraine and the main plot of the song is that when a little bird swallow flies into the house, it means that a family will have a fertile year, full of pleasant surprises. This popular folk song was used in different soundtracks for television and films.

The heaviest and the biggest aircraft

AN-225 Mriya
AN-225 Mriya

Antonov design bureau that was situated in Kiev created the biggest and the heaviest aircraft in the world. It was named AN-225 Mriya. It was designed in order to lift rocket boosters and space shuttles. Now, this aircraft is used to carry oversized payloads.

The largest nuclear weapons arsenal

Ukraine is the country that refused to own one of the largest nuclear weapons arsenals in the whole world. When Ukraine became independent, it owned a great number of warheads and nuclear weapons. It occupied the third place after America and Russia. All warheads Ukraine gave to Russia. As a result, Ukraine got money for the disarmament.

The biggest national holiday

The Independence Day of Ukraine is celebrated every year on the 24th of August. It is a day when Ukraine got its Independence the first time in 1991. It is a national holiday and is celebrated by all Ukrainians.

The main religion

The main religion in Ukraine is Orthodox Christianity. The rest of religions are presented by Jehovah Witnesses, Judaism, Islam, Lutherans, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and Seventh-Days Adventists.

Ukrainians are the first, the third and the fourth

  • The first constitution in the world appeared in Ukraine. It was written by Pylyp Orlyk, who was the Ukrainian Hetman. He was the person, who introduced the first constitution in 1710. By that document, all power had to be separated into three branches and it regulated responsibilities and rights of citizens and government. Historians claim that the document, written by Orlyk, was the first world’s constitution, because it appeared earlier than the Polish one (1791_ and even earlier than the U.S. constitution, that was adopted in 1787.
  • The first University. The National University of Ostroh academy was the first higher educational establishment in the Eastern Europe. Its founder was Prince Vasyl-Konstantyn of Ostroh, who opened the first university in 1576.
Ostroh Academy
Ostroh Academy
  • The third grain exporter. Agriculture in Ukraine is highly developed, it is a country that exports a lot of grain and it is considered to be the third large exporter of grain in the world.
  • The fourth educated nation. Ukraine can boast with the high level of education. Ukrainian nation is considered to be the fourth educated nation in the world. About 70 percent of the adult population has a higher education or a secondary one. About 99 percent of Ukrainians under 15 years old can write and read. There are 150 universities and colleges on the territory of Ukraine. The most popular universities are situated in such cities as Kharkov, Kiev and Lviv.

Other interesting facts about Ukraine

Position of geographical center of Europe

The geographical center of Europe is located in Ukraine. It is situated in the village Dilove that is near Rakhiv in Carpathian Mountains.



The national costume of Ukraine is vyshyvanka. It is decorated with many embroidered elements; each of them has a unique meaning. Men and women wear national clothes on different holidays, special occasions and simply to honor the Ukrainian traditions.

Demographic crisis

Ukraine is the country with low birth rate and high death rate. Every year, Ukrainian population is decreased by 150 000 people. This process started in 1980 and is named the Ukrainian demographic crisis.

Nation that doesn’t like to travel

People from other countries like to travel and to discover the world, but not Ukrainians. About 77 % of Ukrainians have never been abroad. More than that, about 36 percent of Ukrainian population has never left their region.

The main Ukrainian city


The capital of Ukraine is Kiev. Its area is 839 square km and its population is about 3 000 000 people. It is not only a cultural center of Ukraine, it is also an industrial, an educational and scientific center of the Eastern Europe.

Chernobyl disaster

Probably there is no person, who has never heard about Chernobyl. This nuclear disaster happened in Ukraine on April 26, in 1986. Ukraine was a part of the USSR at that time and the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was under the jurisdiction of Soviet Union authorities. The radiation spread over huge territories and harmed not only the west of the USSR but also a part of Europe.

Ukrainian castles

There are about 5000 castles on the territory of Ukraine. Part of them has transformed into ruins, because they needed a complete reconstruction. Most of castles are situated in the Western part of Ukraine.

National language

Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine, though Russian is widely spoken in southern and eastern parts of the country. Ukrainian is spoken more in western parts.

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