Lifestyle in Ukraine

If you are going to blend harmoniously in the Ukrainian society, it is extremely important to try to understand its nature. What is a lifestyle in Ukraine? How do Ukrainians live, what do they aim for, what do they like to do in their free time? What is happening in their everyday lives? Answering all these questions let’s have a closer look at some Ukrainian lifestyle facts.

Family and children

Family traditions and values ​​are the matter of special pride for most Ukrainians. Such values as creation of a family and birth of children are more important for them than individual material goods. Ukrainian family, as a rule, does not have many children. Two children are the norm, four children – an exception. Children are brought up in quiet tolerance, without an excessive strictness. However, the average Ukrainian family also does not allow special liberties.

There is a tendency to give birth to children comparatively late – after 30 years, when parents are professionally more or less realized and can afford to have children.


Why do Ukrainians work so hard? Almost half of Ukrainians are forced to have two or more jobs in order to live normally. These are the results of a study, which was recently conducted. It emerged that about 90% of employees would like to have more income. And only 10% of respondents said that they are satisfied with their salaries. Typically, Ukrainian people search for extra work to save money for housing, car, renovations, traveling etc.

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Ukrainian people generally like to eat well. Fast food is out of favor among middle-aged and older Ukrainians. Raised on old traditions, older people prefer to eat homemade food. They go to restaurants mainly to meet friends. However, young people sometimes ignore old traditions and stodge Burgers and Big Macs with pleasure in numerous McDonald’s and Burger King’s.

Culture and patriotism

Against the backdrop of the crisis and popular unrest, citizens of Ukraine clearly express their social and political position, actively develop volunteer movements, arrange cultural events, focused primarily on promotion of patriotism among young people. Important fact is that more attention was paid to the role of the Ukrainian language in the life of the country. In social networks, the slogan «Ukrainian, speak Ukrainian!» became very popular among the young people.

The return to the traditions of the nation, its historical heritage becomes an integral part of Ukrainian society life. Modern Ukrainian artists, especially the representatives of new generation – often use national motives in their works, and the most popular songs of Ukrainian performers are steeped in ancient folk melodies.


Hobbies help Ukrainians to enliven their daily routine, make life more meaningful and interesting. For many, the hobby serves as a source of additional energy, it helps to wind down and to relieve tensions, inspires and develops. So what are the most popular Ukrainian hobbies?

  • Sports. In modern Ukrainian world sport came into fashion. It’s trendy to go to gyms, practice fitness, yoga (especially aerial yoga), dance etc. Happily, Ukrainians have all necessary conditions for practicing their favorite sports. Young people follow the example of movie or music stars. Their idols are in good shape, free from obsessive habits, they eat healthy food, and they don’t forget to talk about it in their blogs. Culture of sport in Ukraine is now at the peak of popularity.
  • Creativity. Fortunately, the majority of Ukrainians began to realize that creative self-development is an integral part of a personal growth. Creative master classes appeared relatively recently in Ukraine, but their popularity is steadily growing from year to year. These joint activities not just reveal the creative potential of everyone, but also bring together parents and children, colleagues and friends. Ukrainians discover painting, pottery, sewing, creating compositions of colored sand. Many children and adults are also fond of unusual cooking classes.
  • Travelling. Ukrainians like to travel. According to the State Statistics Service, the number of Ukrainians who travel for tourist purposes to other countries is growing every year. The preferences of Ukrainians vary depending on a season. Warm countries and Europe are typical for summer, while in winter Ukrainians prefer ski resorts. Despite the fact that Ukrainians are happy with the visa-free regime with Europe, stably the most popular countries for traveling are Egypt and Turkey.


The goal of most parents is to give their children the high-quality education, because they think that the better their children are educated, the easier it will be for them to have better life. Primary and secondary education in Ukraine is compulsory and free for all citizens of the country. The education system in Ukraine achieves its goal. Every year thousands of pupils graduate from schools with good results and many of them enter higher education institutions to continue their studies. Thanks to the knowledge  students receive during their studies, they become skilled specialists in various fields and make an effective contribution to the development of Ukrainian society.

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