Population of Ukraine: statistics, birth and death rate, life expectancy

Ukraine occupies the 31st place in the list of countries by population. Ukrainian citizens represent 0,66% of the world’s population and it means that one person of 153 people in the world is Ukrainian.

Demographics crisis in Ukraine

The demographics of any country includes statistics on ethnicity, population growth, its density, economic status, health and various religious groups, that live on the territory of the country.

demografic map of Ukraine

How many people live in Ukraine nowadays? Statistics says that the current population of Ukraine is 42 409 492 constant citizens.  Ukraine’s population male/female (men to women) ratio is depicted below:

  • 54% female population;
  • 46% male population.

The sex ratio of the total Ukrainian population is about 0,8%, it means that there are about 850 males per 1000 females in Ukraine. This sex ratio is lower than the global sex ratio. The global sex ratio in 2016 was 1010 males per 1000 females.

The age structure of Ukraine

The median age of Ukrainian citizens is 40 years.

  • 13,7% are people under 15 years;
  • 70,8% are people between 15 and 64 years;
  • 15,5% are people older than 65 years.

It is impossible to speak about Ukrainian population growth, because its growth rate is negative, it is 0,4%.  It is a pity, but the Ukrainian population is declining with the every next year. The process started in 1990 and it is connected with the high level of death and low level of birth in the country, bad ecology, difficult economic situation in the country and other factors. Statistics says that Ukrainian population is reduced by 150 000 people every year.

The Ukrainian birth rate is 11 births per 1000 population and the Ukrainian deaths rate is 15 deaths per 1000 population.  About 1250 people are born and about 1770 people die every day.

Ukraine is among countries with the low fertility rate. Such a phenomenon is typical for most European countries. Roles of men and women changed in the modern world and it influences the level of birth. More than that, there is a great level of infertility in Ukraine that also has a negative impact on the level of birth.

Ukrainian immigration statistics says that about 100 people leave the country every day, so Ukrainian population is declined by about 400 people every day in 2017.

Ukrainian population by nationality (ethnicity)

Representatives of about 130 nationalities live on the territory of Ukraine. About 78% of the whole population are Ukrainians. The rest of population that makes 22% are people of other nationalities.

  • 17% of 22% are Russians;
  • 0,6% are Belarusians;
  • 0,5% people from Moldova;
  • 0,5% are Crimean Tatars;
  • 0,4% are Bulgarians;
  • 0,3% are people from Poland;
  • 0,2% are Jewish;
  • 0,2% Greeks;
  • 0,2% are Tatars;
  • 0,1% are from Azerbaijan;
  • 0,1% are from Georgia;
  • 0,4% are other nationalities.

Urban population of Ukraine

The territory, occupied by Ukraine, is 576 320 square kilometers. The population density of Ukraine is 77 people per square kilometer; it is about 198 people per square meter.  About 70% of total population is urban. There are 457 cities on the territory of Ukraine.

List of Ukrainian cities by population

City Population (inhabitants)
Kiev 2 797 550
Kharkiv 1 430 800
Odessa 1 003 700
Dnipro 1 001 950
Donetsk 960 000
Zaporizhia 772 600
Lviv 760 025
Kryvyj Rih 654 800
Mykolaiv 497 500
Mariupol 486 800
Luhansk 431 100
Vinnytsia 370 800
Makiivka 358 150
Kherson 302 520
Poltava 298 600
Chernihiv 296 830
Cherkasy 286 030
Horlivka 279 630

Ukrainian population by religion

About 70% of Ukrainian population are religious, 10% of the population are not sure if they believe or not, about 2,7% are atheists and the rest found it difficult to answer questions about religion.

Religion in Ukraine:

  • 81% of Ukrainians are Christians;
  • about 2% are Protestants;
  • Muslim population in Ukraine is about 1,1%;
  • 6,5% of the population are Greek Catholics;
  • Jewish population in Ukraine is about 0,2%;
  • 1% are Roman Catholics;
  • 0,2% believe in Hinduism;
  • 0,2% are believers of other religions.

Life expectancy

Life expectancy is a very important demographic factor. It depicts the number of years a person would live taking into consideration that the level of birth and death will be the same during the whole life of the individual.

The life expectancy for Ukrainian people is about 68 years for both males and females.

It is lower than the total life expectancy in other countries that is about 71 years.

Languages of Ukraine

The official language in Ukraine is Ukrainian, but about 75% of the population prefer to communicate with the help of the Russian language and only about 9% speak Ukrainian language. Russian is the most widely spoken language in such regions as Zaporizhia, Odessa, Donetsk, Kharkov and Dnipro. About 68% of Ukrainian population can speak Russian freely and only about 57% can boast with the perfect knowledge of the Ukrainian language.

Such region as Zakarpatye is famous for its bilingual phenomenon. A peculiar language, that is named, surzhik was born there in 17th century. Surzhik is a mixture of Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Population literacy

99,8% of the Ukrainian adult population can write and read. Only about 86050 people in Ukraine are illiterate.

  • The level of literacy among males is 99,78%;
  • The level of literacy among females is 99,74%.

The common literacy rate of youth is about 99,7% (they are people between 15 and 24 years old). 99,70% of males can read and write and 99,80% of females are literate.

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