Ukrainian citizenship – how to get, how to give up, requirements and immigration laws

If a person wishes to get the Ukrainian citizenship, there should be strictly provided grounds. The process of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is quite difficult and long because the decision about it is made by the President of Ukraine.

Such documents as a birth certificate, for people whoare under 16, and a passport of the Ukrainian citizen confirm that a person is the citizen of Ukraine.

The following categories of people are considered to be citizens of Ukraine:

  • Citizens of the former Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics who lived on the territory of Ukrainian Socialistic Republic when Ukraine was declared Independent in 1991.
  • Stateless people who lived on the Ukrainian territory in 1991.
  • People, who obtained Ukrainian citizenship by the laws of Ukraine.
  • People who arrived for permanent living on the territory of Ukraine since 13 November 1991 and who owned inscription “citizen of Ukraine” that was inserted into the 1974-type passport of the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics.

Immigration laws and policy

Ukraine is a quite popular destination for those who want to work and to live in the country with the near future prospects, friendly people and economic potential. That’s why immigration to Ukraine is growing with the every next year.How to get Ukrainian passport

Ukrainian immigration law regulates procedures and terms of immigration of foreigners and stateless people to Ukraine. The immigration law says that stateless people and foreigners who stay on the Ukrainian territory have the same freedoms, rights, responsibilities as Ukrainian citizens. Foreigners and stateless people have to obey Laws of Ukraine, Ukrainian Constitution and legislative acts.

Residence permit in Ukraine

By the Immigration Law of Ukraine, foreigners can get temporary Residence permit and permanent Residence permit.

Permanent residence permit is a document that allows a foreign citizen or a stateless person to live in Ukraine without any time limits. If a person has a permanent residence permit, it means that he or she is under protection of freedoms and legal rights of the state.

Temporary residence permit – is a document that allows a stateless person or a citizen of another country to live on the territory of Ukraine during a definite term. Usually, Temporary Residence permit is provided for one year term and there is a possibility to renew this document.  If a person wishes to renew this document, it is necessary to confirm that there are some grounds for staying on the territory of Ukraine.

Ukrainian citizenship requirements

If a person is born on the territory of Ukraine, it doesn’t mean that he will get the Ukrainian citizenship automatically. There are some necessary grounds for obtaining citizenship of Ukraine.

One can get Ukrainian citizenship:

  • by territorial origin;
  • by birth;
  • by renewal of the Ukrainian citizenship;
  • for some grounds that are foreseen in the Ukrainian law;
  • on the basis of grounds that are foreseen under international agreements;
  • as a result of granting citizenship;
  • due to the fact that one or both parents are citizens of Ukraine;
  • due to the adoption.

How to get Ukrainian citizenship

To get Ukrainian citizenship, a person has to collect all necessary documents. Then it is necessary to write an application without any mistakes, because they can be the reason of your application denial. It is possible to find the application form online. The filled in application has to be sent to the State Migration Service. All documents will be examined for a long period of time, but not longer than one year. You will be able to get the special citizenship certificate and then, Ukrainian passport on the basis of this certificate.

The most popular ways to get Ukrainian citizenship are by descent, by marriage and by birth.

By descent (ancestry)

One of the most popular ways to obtain Ukrainian citizenship is to get it by descent. It is possible to do it if a person, who wants to become the citizen of Ukraine, meets such requirements:

  • One of close relatives has a confirmation, written and notarized, that this person has been living on the territory of Ukraine since 1991.
  • One of close relatives has been residing on the territory of Ukrainian state formations for a long time.

More than that, if a person has citizenship of another country, he has to deny it.

By marriage

There is a possibility to obtain Ukrainian citizenship by marriage. But everything is not as simple, as it may seem to be. At first, it is necessary to live in marriage with the Ukrainian citizen for 2 years and only then you will be able to get the permanent residence permit. You will have a temporary residence permit at first. A person, who wants to get Ukrainian citizenship, will have to live on the territory of Ukraine for five years, before he will have an opportunity to apply documents for the Ukrainian citizenship.

By birth

A person can get the Ukrainian citizenship by birth. It is possible:

  • if both parents or one of parents are Ukrainians;
  • if you were born on the territory of Ukraine and your parents don’t have Ukrainian citizenship, but they are on the territory of Ukraine legally;
  • if a newborn was found in Ukraine and there is no information about his parents.

By investment

If a foreign citizen purchases some property on the territory of Ukraine, it doesn’t guarantee that he has a right to get Ukrainian citizenship or permanent residence permit. But there is one exception, people who have invested 100 000 USD into the economy of Ukraine, can get the permanent residence permit.

Does Ukraine allow dual citizenship

Dual citizenship is not recognized by the Ukrainian law. It is possible to get Ukrainian citizenship only after refusal of the current citizenship.

Read full information about dual citizenship in Ukraine

How to renounce (give up) Ukrainian citizenship

It is possible to renounce Ukrainian citizenship in such cases:

  • if a person acquires the citizenship of another country;
  • if a person is enrolled for security service or military service of the foreign state without permission of public authorities of Ukraine;
  • if Ukrainian citizenship was acquired on the basis of false documents.

One of the main reasons why people want to renounce Ukrainian citizenship is that they want to move to another country and to acquire its citizenship. The process of renouncing Ukrainian citizenship consists of following steps:

  • write an application about renouncing of Ukrainian citizenship;
  • provide two photos 35х45 mm;
  • provide a copy of the international passport with the mark that a person leaves Ukraine and will have the permanent residence in another country;
  • provide a document, that you have acquired the citizenship of another country or a document that proves, that you will get the citizenship of another country in case of renouncing Ukrainian citizenship.

All these documents have to be delivered to the consulate of Ukraine in the country of your permanent residence.

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