Ukrainian culture facts

Ukrainian culture is considered one of the richest and beautiful, ancient and original cultures of the world. Ukrainian land gives birth to interesting and unique things, to talented people in different areas, which are known all over the world. Here are a lot of interesting culture facts worthy of being learned about.

Ukrainian cuisine

  • Ukrainian cuisine is a top ten of the most delicious, located between Japanese and Chinese culinary traditions.
  • Kwass (rye beer), so beloved by Ukrainians in hot summer time, is considered to be Ukrainian oldest drink! The first mention of it was found in a document dated by 989 year.
  • Ukrainian traditional kulish (dish of Ukrainian cuisine, cooked from millet cereals, onion and salo) has been recognized as one of the excellent means for the cancer prevention.
  • The first alcoholic drink in Ukraine was medovukha (alcoholic beverage made of water, honey and yeast), it was known even in pre-Christian times. While horilka (Ukrainian vodka) appeared only in the XIV century.
  • Ukrainian best-loved pork fat is ahead of butter by the number of fatty acids in its composition, necessary for the human body.
  • The advantage of pork over beef in Ukrainian cuisine is explained historically: in ancient times bullocks were used as draft animals, for this reason it was not accepted to eat this meat.
  • For the title of the first coffee capital of Ukraine, several cities compete: Kamenets-Podolsky, Khotyn and Lviv.
  • In recent years, Ukraine has confidently maintained its place among the world’s top three leaders in the production of honey.



Several Ukrainian cities have the highest rates in the common-European standings. So:

  • Freedom Square in Kharkov is one of the largest in Europe;
  • the longest in Europe embankment 30 km long was built in Dnipro city;
  • the Potemkin Stairs in Odessa, though they fall short compared to leaders, are still on the 6th place among the most beautiful stairs in Europe. This is a complex engineering structure with a length of 142 meters and consists of 142 stone steps;
  • Ukrainian artist and poet Taras Shevchenko is famous for a huge number of monuments throughout the country. Such monuments are installed in 1200 cities around the world.

Decorative Art

  • Pablo Picasso was inspired by the Ukrainian artist Kateryna Bilokur. In 1954 Picasso saw her works at the exhibition and said that they are touched by genius. He even compared Kateryna with the world-famous artist Serafin Luis.
  • Ukrainian embroidery is trendy all over the world. Ukrainian motives are clearly traced in the collection “Resort 2017” from the fashion house “Valentino”.
  • World Day of Ukrainian embroidery is celebrated in 60 countries of the world.

Performance art

  • Ukraine won the Eurovision twice: in 2004, Ruslana Lyzhychko with the song «Wild Dances» in Istanbul, and Jamala with the song «1944» in 2016 in Stockholm.
  • Ukrainian dance group “Kazaky” starred in the video of the incredibly popular and talented singer Madonna for a song “Girl Gone Wild”. The shtick of the group is that the guys perform dancing on high heels.
  • Serhіy Lуfar (the whole world knows him as the French choreographer Serge Lifar) is one of the most glorious dancers of the 20th He was known as “Lord of the Dance” or “the good genius of the ballet”. However, Lifar was born and spent his early life in the Kiev region.
  • «Summertime» is one of the most famous songs in the whole world. But few are aware that it was written under the impression of Ukrainian lullaby “Oi khodyt’ son kolo vikon” (Dream walks by the windows) which was performed by the Ukrainian Folk Chorus.

Popular culture

  • In 2005 the Palme d’Or was awarded to Ukrainian film director Igor Strembitsky at the Cannes Film Festival for the short film «Travelers», and in 2011 Marina Vroda got the same prize for the short film «Cross».
  • Ukrainian athletes are one of the most famous in the world. Thus, the world record in pole-jumping of Sergei Bubka (6 m 14 cm), established in 1994, lasted 20 years. And the world record in the triple jump (15.50 m), established in 1995 by Ukrainian track athlete Inessa Kravets, remains unbeaten.
  • In 2002 the Ukrainian Ruslan Ponomarev became the youngest chess champion in the history of the world in his 19 years.
  • Ukraine has its own 7 miracles for tourists, recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites. They include: the Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, the ancient city of Khersonese and Primeval Beech Forests in the Carpathians.
  • The small town of Vilkovo is considered to be Ukrainian Venice. Here people don’t use cars, only boats and two-wheel transport.

Ukrainian customs and celebrations

  • During the celebration of the Pancake Week carnival Ukrainians not only taste a ton of delicious pancakes with various additives, but also incinerate a scarecrow that symbolizes the winter.
  • The well-known Sorochintsy Fair is the only fair in Ukraine, which has been held in one place for about 400 years. By the way, in 2005 the National Bank of Ukraine issued two commemorative silver coins in honor of the Sorochintsy Fair.
  • After the wedding, a Ukrainian woman according to popular beliefs should keep a veil to cover her sick child.
  • On the Ukrainian traditional holiday of Ivan Kupala, all unmarried Ukrainians jump over the fire and weave wreaths.
  • During Ukrainian Christmas, children go to their neighbors and sing carols, getting money in return.
  • Ukrainians not just paint eggs for Easter. A widespread Ukrainian Easter tradition is to «fight» with eggs. If the egg is cracked, it is given to the person who struck it. This battle symbolizes the struggle between good and evil.

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