Ukrainian dating culture and customs

The first date is always an exciting event, which brings a lot of emotions. Romantic atmosphere, acquaintance, intimate conversations, the first signs of attention… It seems to be that all dates are the same all over the world.  But what happens on the first date in Ukraine? Who pays for lunch or dinner, who takes the first step? What can you expect from a typical Ukrainian man or a woman at the first meeting? In order not to get into a scrape and increase the chances for a second date, get to know dating traditions and customs in Ukraine.

Who invites whom

Invitation to a date usually comes from a man. Of course, wise Ukrainian woman can slightly push the potential gentleman to a date. But along with this, she tries to arrange everything so no one would suspect it. It is necessary to negotiate a meeting beforehand, in no case at the last minute. The meeting program can be offered both by a man or a woman, it all depends on the individuality of the couple.


Ukrainian man knows that he should not be late for a date, usually he tries to come a few minutes earlier. A woman in this matter can afford some liberties and come a little later than the appointed time, but sometimes it can be more than generally accepted 15 minutes. And besides, Ukrainian woman comes fashionably late because of make-up, hair style, trying on 5 dresses, a fit of nerves and cry, repeated make-up. Men understand and go along with it.

Flowers on a first date

To give flowers on the first date is a customary ritual in Ukraine. It is easy to choose the perfect flower or a bouquet knowing specific moments:

  • Flowers are given in buds or slightly opened, this way they symbolize youth, tenderness and beauty.
  • If the lady is young, it is preferable to give bouquets in white and tender pink color. This will accentuate the admiration for her purity and youth. Pink flowers are all purpose, they are suitable for a gift to both a young lady and a mature woman. Red color will reveal strong feelings.
  • Do not forget that a bunch of flowers is not always appropriate. It’s one thing if it is a restaurant, when a girl can put a bouquet in a vase, the other – active rest. Even the most beautiful flowers will cause irritation, if it is inconvenient to walk with them. Even better to give a bouquet at the end of a date, so that the lady could immediately take it home.
  • Ukrainian ladies know that such phrases as «you shouldn’t have bothered yourself» or «it’s so expensive» are inappropriate. They sincerely express their joy receiving flowers.
  • And one more important thing, giving an even number of flowers is a bad luck. Ukrainians have the strong belief that an even number of flowers can be placed only on the grave.

Traditional places for a first date

Most often, Ukrainian guys invite girls to café or restaurant, where there is a cozy atmosphere and not noisy, so they can communicate more comfortable. Walking around the evening town is also a very popular kind of dating in Ukraine. The main thing is to choose the right route with beautiful and interesting places. The first date in cinemas or theaters is a rare phenomenon. It is very difficult to get to know each other better while watching a movie or a play.

“Fine dress helps to impress”

Ukrainians first “judge how nice, and then how wise”, so the main thing for a start is a good appearance. Of course, a woman, preparing for a date, will spend a lot of time and efforts to look good. We have already mentioned of a make-up, hair style, countless dress fittings and so on.  So, a man also has to be sure that his appearance meets expectations, and the lady won’t be embarrassed walking alongside of her cavalier. Ukrainian men’s clothes usually match the situation (if they are not dating at the stadium, they won’t wear a T-shirt and sports pants).

Topics of conversation

There are a number of so-called «explosive» topics in Ukraine, which should be avoided on the first date: politics, bad news (for example, War or any terrorist attacks), religion, sport (for fans of different teams). On the first and second date, Ukrainians prefer to confine themselves to an easy, casual conversation, without touching any sharp or personal topics.

Are there any gentlemen in Ukraine

Of course, many Ukrainian men do not forget about good manners – to open a door for a woman and let her go forward, to give her a hand, leaving the transport, not to sit down if the lady is standing. Some even turn off the phone during a date.

Who pays for dinner

One of the most delicate moments is paying bills. The offer to the lady to divide the account is obscene in Ukraine. In general, a man should be ready to pay for two. In Ukraine, it would be very unseemly to take the girl to the checkout and wait for her to open the purse. But, anything can happen. So, there is always a stash of cash in a women’s handbag, so she can pay her part of the check, if necessary.

The right way to end the date

After the date, typical Ukrainian man either personally walks his lady to the door of her house, or calls a taxi. Usually, man asks lady to call when she gets home, or calls himself to make sure everything is ok. Taxi, like all other expenses (according to the rules of etiquette) usually is paid by a man. Nobody cancelled this, in disregard for any feminism.

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