Ukrainian dumplings galushki: history, types, recipe

Galushki are the lumps of dough boiled in water, milk or broth. They are made mostly of flour (wheat, buckwheat and their mixtures), as well as of semolina and combinations of flour with potatoes, cheese and other products (such as onions, apples). Galushki is a simple dish; it was and is considered to be specific home-cooked food, recipes of which are usually passed from generation to generation and are rarely mentioned in cookbooks. Simplicity of Ukrainian dumplings recipe ensured their strong and long-term existence in the cuisine of Ukrainians (In English speaking environment, the name of the dish can vary: galushki, haluski, halushki and Ukrainian dumplings).

One can hardly find a Ukrainian who has never eaten Ukrainian dumplings. This floury dish is extremely popular in the Ukrainian cuisine; it is simply impossible not to taste it with sour cream or in combination with borsch. Ukrainian dumplings are served either as a separate dish (with butter or sour cream) or as Ukrainian haluski soup. In general, galushki is the universal pastry for all occasions.

Soup with galushki
Soup with galushki

Ukrainian dumplings history

It is not known when dumplings as a dish were cooked for the first time. However, it is clear that it is a truly popular invention. Quite often, they were cooked during sowing, harvest or reaping. During this period, the Ukrainian people were very busy with field work, which means that there was no time and effort for the preparation of another hearty dish.

In Ukrainian families dumplings were cooked when there was limited amount of time and they wanted to cook something tasty and nutritious. Halushki were often cooked when many guests came: both at the weddings and funeral feasts. Dumplings are still cooked throughout Ukraine since this dish is very nutritious and appeases hunger very well.

Ukrainian Halushki types

In Ukraine the traditional halushki recipes vary. There are different types of haluski according to the way of their formation:

  • plucked (“shchipani”);
  • torn (“rvani”);
  • sliced (“rizani”).

Galushki can be boiled in different liquids:

  • water;
  • water with meat;
  • meat broth;
  • vegetable broth;
  • milk.

When dumplings are ready, they can be served with different sauces and dressings:

  • butter;
  • sour cream;
  • fried sauce;
  • fried mushrooms;
  • sauerkraut;
  • cracklings and many others.

When we boil galushki in broth, we get the Ukrainian haluski soup, it is even tastier.

In order to cook galushki, we need to know well-tried haluski dough recipe.

Dough for halushki
Dough for halushki

Haluski dough recipe

To cook Ukrainian dumplings, we need the following ingredients:

  • water (milk, or mixture) ― 1 glass;
  • flour ― 500 g.;
  • eggs ― 4;
  • butter ― 50 g.


Boil a glass of water (milk). Add 50 g of butter, mix it well. Pour 500 grams of flour in the boiling liquid; knead the flour quickly until the dough will not lag behind the walls of the pan. Let the dough cool off. Crack in 4 eggs one by one and rub the dough into a homogeneous mass. It is also possible to add a little of baking soda and some salt – galushki will be even better. The dough for dumplings is ready.

It is extremely important to cook the dough for halushki properly, and everything else is a matter of technique. There is no “definite” haluski recipe because the majority of housewives cook them “by eye”. However, we have prepared several galushki recipes in order to give you the possibility to cook this delicious dish.

The most “traditional” Galushki recipe

Roll out the dough for galushki into thin layers of 0.5 to 1.5 cm (depending primarily on the flour that is used for cooking), then cut 1-1.5 cm wide “straps” from this dough or roll twists with 0.5 cm cut. Cut these “rolls” or “twists” into squares with the size 1×1 or 1.5×1.5 cm. Let dumplings rest for 20-40 minutes, so that they are “faded”, and then boil them in the salted water, milk, broth etc. Halushki are cooked up until they rise to the surface.

After that, catch them with a slotted spoon and dip in a small amount of butter or sour cream, making sure that the dumplings are not stick together (they should be shaken slightly in some butter) and cooled before serving. Galuski are to be eaten very hot, otherwise they taste bad.

Recipe of lush Ukrainian dumplings with cracklings

Ingredients for cracklings:

  • salo (lard or bacon) ― 100 g;
  • onion(s) ― 1-2.


Chop salo (or bacon) and fry it in a pan, then add onion sliced into semi-circles. Boil galushki in the salted water for five-ten minutes; then put them with a slotted spoon into a deep plate and sprinkle with salo and onions.

Recipe of halushki with sauerkraut

The easier – the tastier. Galuski can be cooked simply with roasted carrots and onions, but we can also add some cabbage. We do not need any meat; it is very hearty, tasty and easy to cook.

Ingredients for the dressing:

  • cabbage ― 1;
  • onion(s) ― 1-2;
  • carrot(s) ― 1-2 (optional);
  • black and red pepper, salt at option;
  • tomato paste (optional);
  • vegetable oil.


Chop onion(s) and cabbage. Brown onion(s) in the vegetable oil; put the cabbage in, roast a little and sprinkle with red pepper. Mix everything, pour boiling water, cover and simmer until the cabbage is cooked. At the end add salt, tomatoes (at option) and sprinkle with black pepper. Boil galushki. Get them out with a slotted spoon, rinse under the cold running water and mix with the prepared sauerkraut. The ready-to-eat dish is served hot.

Serving haluski
Serving haluski

Today, galushki are still cooked in different ways, using different flours and in accordance with different recipes. They can be served instead of bread or in a combination with soup (borscht), meat, butter and, of course, sour cream. For Ukrainians, galushki is the important part of the culinary tradition. In order to understand, what the pride of the national Ukrainian cuisine is, you should try galushki!

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