Ukrainian film festivals

Cinema art is highly developed in Ukraine. A great number of Ukrainian international film festivals held in many cities of the country is the best proving.

Odessa International Film Festival (OIFF)

Odessa International Film Festival (OIFF)

Annual, held in Ukrainian city Odessa in the middle of July. Founded in 2010.

OIFF has one of the biggest audiences in CIS countries and Eastern Europe (more than 100 thousand people). Main festival prize is ‘The Golden Duke’ and the monetary reward of $15000 to the winning film director.

The central focuses of Odessa International Film Festival are films of high artistic merit meant for wide audience. The jury of OIFF is made up of noted art and culture figures, producers and directors from many countries of the world.

One of the greatest projects of Odessa Film Festival is Summer Film School. Master-classes, discussions, lectures are organized for students of cinematographic schools and lovers of the film arts.

International Film Festival «Molodist»

International Film Festival «Molodist»

Annual, held in Kyiv in October. Founded in 1970.

The main objective of ‘Molodist’ is to promote young and professional cinema. The word ‘molodist’ means ‘youth’. Amateur and professional movies of debutants are represented. There are three main sections – the first feature film, student competition, the first short film.

Main ‘Molodist’ festival prize is ‘The Scythian Deer’ and $10000. About 250 films of makers from all over the world compete for it.

Lviv International Short Film Festival «Wiz-Art»

Lviv International Short Film Festival «Wiz-Art»

Annual, takes place in Lviv (city in the Western Ukraine) in May. Founded in 2008.

Every year festival shows more than hundred new short movies. Filmmakers from all the countries can participate in it. The main prize of Wiz-Art is the Grand Prix. The main categories are the best film/ experimental film/animated film.

Lviv International Short Film Festival (LISFF) is a powerful educational and cultural platform uniting foreign and Ukrainian filmmakers.

DOCUDAYS UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

DOCUDAYS UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

Annual, held in March in Kyiv. Founded in 2003.

Docudays UA is the biggest festival of documentary films in Ukraine. Its main purpose is promotion of an open dialogue on human rights, society moral problems, democratic future. It is also known as a human rights film festival. Talented young screenwriters and famous filmmakers from America, Europe, Africa and Asia take part in the event. About 300-400 films are presented during the competition.

There are three main competitions: DOCU/LIFE (full-length documentaries showing problems of human rights with artistic means of expression), DOCU/SHORT (documentaries of no more than thirty minutes of running time), DOCU/RIGHT (feature-length documentary films focused on human rights observance problems and paying attention to struggling for freedoms and rights).

The festival is non-political and non-commercial.

International Animated Film Festival «KROK»

International Animated Film Festival «KROK»

Annual, held in October. Founded in 1989.

The festival was founded during the Soviet Union times, after its dissolution it became the fruit of cooperation between Ukrainian and Russian cinematographers. International Animated Film Festival (IAFF) is held alternatively in Ukraine (odd years) and in Russia (even years). It takes place over the course of twelve days in the cruise ships. When in Ukraine, the ship cruises along the Dnieper, when in Russia – along the Volga.

The ‘KROK’ (meaning ‘step’) festival welcomes participants from over 35 countries, who present over a hundred animated films every year. Its objective is to facilitate the exchange of experience between animators and to acquaint spectators with the best works in animation.

The main prize is Grand Prix and $10000.

New Vision International Short Film Festival

New Vision International Short Film Festival

Annual, held in Kyiv in spring. Founded in 2011.

New Vision is a festival, created as an innovative international festival of short-length cinema. Short films with running time less than twenty-five minutes of any genre (animation, fiction, documentary, experimental) can be registered.

The best short films of filmmakers from around the world are shown. The main prize is Grand Prix for the best film. There are also prizes for best films in each category.

International Human Rights Film Festival «Steps»

International Human Rights Film Festival «Steps»

Annual, held in Kharkiv. Founded in 2007.

STEPS is an international film festival founded by eponymous Human Rights Center in Ukraine. It became a platform for the dialogue between the society and the government, which gives a possibility to move from observation to actions. Festival accepts films of any category dedicated to animal and human rights, social and moral problems, political issues, environmental protection.

STEPS IFF is a non-profit organization, important part of which is Echo Program. It takes place in many cities and countries after the festival and implies screening of the best films and acquaintance of wide audience with important nowadays problems.

The winner gets a golden statuette, while the participants get participation certificates.

Irpen Film Festival

Irpen Film Festival

Annual festival held in Ukrainian city Irpen. Founded in 2003.

This festival is non-commercial festival of alternative cinematograph. It was created for independent filmmakers, alternative (not mainstream) vision of cinematograph, non-commercial movies. Filmakers from all over the world can represent their works in any genre, of any duration and created at any time.

The main prize is ‘Golden Film’. The participants are given the Diplomas.

Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF)

Kyiv International Short Film Festival (KISFF)

Annual, held in Kyiv in spring. Founded in 2012.

Its objective is to acquaint the audience with short films from different countries. Short films with duration of up to forty minutes are submitted for the selection. Every year more than 10 thousand guests attend the festival. Special professional and educational sections are organized during the festival for the amateurs.

KISFF gives awards in two main nominations: Best Film and Best Director.

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