Ukrainian girl names

Ukrainian name list is quite varied, not only their sounding but also their meaning. That is why it is a real problem for parents to choose a name for the baby. Many parents realize that name choice is one of the most important decisions they have to make.

One should state that Ukrainian girl names were formed through long cultural development. Meanwhile this process was influenced by different cultures. Most etymologists believe that Ukrainian girl names are Slavic among which there are some from Roman-Germanic language group. Many national names of Ukrainian origin symbolize tenderness, beauty and femininity.

Top 10 traditional Ukrainian girl names

  • Charuna means a charming girl.
  • Chernava. This name was given to girls with dark hair. It actually means «dark-haired».
  • Svetoyara. This is a Slavic name which literally means «sunlight». It may be translated as «sunny».
  • Lyubava means «loveable».
  • Krasava. The meaning of this name is «pretty».
  • Radmyla is translated as «very nice».
  • Luchezara is «bright-eyed».
  • Ladomyla. Many ancient Ukrainian names include the name of goddess Lada. They sound nice and have  deep meaning that is why it is hard to be explained in one word. The name may be translated as «kind and cute» or «nice and harmonious» or «gracious».
  • Dobrogora means «bearing kindness».
  • Oksana. This name represents a Ukrainian version of the Greek «Xenia» which is translated as «hospitable».

Popular girl names starting with A

Aleksandra is «defender».

Alina means «light»”.

Alisa is a very popular name thanks to a fairy tale by Lewes Carrol, «noble».

Alla is simply «goddess».

Anastasia is translated as «resurrected».

Angelina – here all is clear: «angel».

Anfisa means «flower».

Popular names starting with L, M, N

Larysa is Latin «seagull».

Liliya stands for lily flower and also means «pure, innocent».

Lyubov – earlier Lyubava, Lyubasha actually means «love».

Lyudmyla – is decoded as «likeable».

Maryna comes from Latin «marine»”.

Mariia means «stubborn», «bitter» in Hebrew.

Milana comes from Slavic «dear».

Nadezhda – is Slavic «hope».

Nataliia is from Latin «related».

Ukrainian girl names starting with V

Valeriya comes from «strong and healthy».

Vasylina is just a «queen».

Varvara – this name comes from barbarians meaning «foreign», «alien».

Vera means «faithful».

Veronica is the one «bringing victory».

Viktoriya is from Latin «winner».

Violetta is also from Latin «violet».

Vita – from Latin «life».

Vitalina is another Latin name meaning «full of life».

Vladyslava – is a Slavic name decoded as «owning fame».

Other common names

Bogdana stands for «given by God».

Galina means «quiet, calm».

Daria – the message is «kind, given».

Olena – is related to Greek «light».

Yelizaveta – from Hebrew means «God is my oath».

Zlata is simply «golden».

Iryna from Greek means «calm».

Kira may be Greek «madam» or Persian «sunny».

Hrystyna means «Christian».

Olesya is Belorussian name meaning «living in the woods».

Olga is from Scandinavian «saint».

Polina is from Roman «modest», «little».

Svetlana stands for «light».

Sofiya is of Greek origin and means «wise».

Tamara means «date palm» from Hebrew.

Tatiana is of Roman origin and means «organizer».

Uliana is from Latin «happiness».

Yuliya is Greek «curly», «born in July».

Yaroslava is of Slavic origin and stands for «known for bright power».

Old and new foreign influence

It was noticed in border areas and places with mixed population. First of all it concerns western regions that used to be parts of different countries for a while. Among the countries which had impact are:

  • Slovakia
  • Hungary
  • Moldavia
  • Romania
  • Germany
  • Poland

Mainly pet names were affected but there are also full name variants. Such names are Bronislava, Zhuzha (Hungarian variant for Susanna), Lyana, Aurika. Typical Czech and Slovak names are Bozhena and Draga. New era also made a contribution, so among Ukrainian girls one may meet Zhanna, Roberta, Olivia, Mia, Jessica etc.

Here is illustrative overview of Ukrainian girl names and their variants:

Ukrainian name Name versions Pet names
Ganna Anna, Hanna Anya, Ganya, Nyura
Olena Alyona, Yelena Lena, Lyalya, Gelya
Mariia Marusya Masha, Marichka
Nadiya Nadezhda Nadya, Nadiika, Nadichka
Yevdokiya Yavdoha, Vivdya, Avdotya Dusya, Dosya, Dunya
Myroslava Myrosia
Oksana Kseniia, Aksinia Ksiusha
Oryna Iryna, Aryna Ira, Yarusia, Orysia
Yevgeniya Yugyna, Ivga Zhenya, Genya, Yugynka, Ivgochka

Of course these names may be transliterated differently and pet names may differ a lot. Main criteria for choosing a name is fashion and the fact if it goes well with last name and patronymic. Nowadays parents try to give rare and beautiful names to baby girls. Top 15 names are the following:

Position Name Number of regions where it is common
1 Anastasia 25
2 Sofiia 25
3 Anna 20
4 Viktoriia 18
5 Mariia 18
6 Dariia, Daryna 16
7 Veronika 14
8 Polina 14
9 Zlata 13
10 Solomiya 10
11 Kateryna 9
12 Oleksandra 9
13 Angelina 9
14 Yeva 8
15 Diana 8

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