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Ukraine is experiencing a peak of national identification, and the contemporary Ukrainian man is proud to emphasize his belonging to the Ukrainian nation. What does it mean to be a Ukrainian man? How does he look like?

Anthropological areas

The general type of Ukrainian men appearance is very clearly expressed among European nations. This type is called «Central Ukrainian» or simply «Ukrainian», and has the following traits: a round shape of head, mostly dark eyes and hair, a comparatively wide face and straight nose. Such features are common for 60-70% of Ukrainian guys. Nevertheless, this general type has different «shades» and variations.

In addition to external differences, experts talk about a variety of habits. Psychologists explain that the region of residence combined with the historical past forms different traits of character. More than that, weather conditions and geography affect as well. For example, a lot of sun make Ukrainian men more hot, joyful and emotional in the south of the country. But Ukrainians from the North are considered to be more rational and skeptical because of the cold climate.

So, anthropologists and psychologists distinguish 4 basic types of Ukrainian men personality and their appearance.

southern area ukrainian men

  • Southern men. The inhabitants of the South can be described by dark hair and dark eyes, clearly defined straight nose, thick beard, mustaches and chest hair. As was mentioned above, Southern men have mainly cheerful and emotional character.

central eastern area men

  • Central-Eastern men. As for appearance, they are literally «medium»: a medium-sized face, round head, midsize cheekbones, eyes and a forehead, comparatively tall, darkish eyes and hair. Psychologists say that central Ukrainians possess such qualities as creativity and active imagination, but at the same time they can have conflicting and anarchistic nature.

ukrainian man northen area

  • Northern men. Representatives of this type have a fair hair and medium height. Such Ukrainians are characterized by rather archaic facial features: a massive chin, unkempt eyebrows and square face. A similar appearance can be found in the southern part of the Baltics or Belarus. They can be described as esthetes with peaceful temper.

western area ukrainian man

  • Western men. Anthropologists note that they have an explicit round head shape, straight forehead, expressionless brows. Their hair and eyes are the darkest among all Ukrainians, and height is usually very low. Determination, commitment to the principles, but also strong interest in beauty and fondness for Earth are common for the inhabitants of this area.

7 reasons why you should think about dating a Ukrainian man

There is an outdated stereotype that Ukrainian men drink too much alcohol, are selfish and beat their women. But it will be fair to say that it is a rude and unjust cliché. Let’s find out what you can expect from Ukrainian boyfriend.

  • Education. If you are afraid that Ukrainian man can only ride a tractor in the fields, forget about it. Statistic says that 75% of Ukrainian men have higher education. It means your boyfriend can be an interesting interlocutor, and he has lots of chances to earn much money.
  • Health. Nowadays, Ukrainian guys pay much attention to their health. They quit smoking, attend gyms to have a hot and strong body, and they choose healthy nutrition more often.
  • Gentleman. Ukrainians didn’t forget how to be a gentleman. If it is raining or becomes colder, the gentleman will readily offer you his jacket. With a real gentleman, you’ll forget about the need to open doors, his masculine hand will always help you to get out of a transport. His lady won’t pay for herself in public places, cafes and restaurants, that is out of the question.
  • Masculinity. The world-famous professional boxer brothers Vitaliy and  Vladimir Klichko are the great example of masculinity and strength. And they are Ukrainians. But masculinity is not only the strong and sexy body. Real masculine men do not run from the challenges and do not try to reduce their responsibilities. Rather they are proud of their reliability and responsibility.
  • Good husbands and fathers. Most of Ukrainian guys are family oriented. Relationships, whether we are talking about marriage or friendship, are really important in their life. A family man can always be determined by the way he treats his parents and how much he respects family ties.
  • Gifted hands. This man can fix everything – your car, buggy computer or lap top, squeaky door, even your shoes. Though, there is a joke: “Do not marry a man with golden hands. You will never have anything new, this bastard will fix everything”. So, you decide whether it is a plus or minus.
  • Man of action. Your Ukrainian boyfriend rarely tells you about his feelings. Are you upset about it? Please, don’t be. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. Ukrainians prefer rather to show their feelings by certain actions instead of words. A wise woman knows that words are cheap, and actions mean a lot. But it doesn’t mean that you will never hear any compliments from him.


  • Segregation of duties. The Western man chose you because you are smart, attractive, witty, and in general, he likes being with you. Well, a Slavic man appreciates you for the same qualities. But somehow, he thinks that (together with you and your wonderful qualities) he gets a free application for cooking, ironing, washing and cleaning the house.

Where can you find a Ukrainian man

So, if your aim is dating Ukrainian guys, you have to know how and where you can find them. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet, we have an opportunity to meet and date people from foreign countries. And you don’t have to limit your choice to people who live next door.

Social networks

If you are in the mood for just socializing, then social networks (for example, Facebook) are suitable. You can study friends of your friends – maybe someone of them has a cute friend from Ukraine. For the start, you can show him your sympathy: put a couple of likes, but without enthusiasm. Also you can search in publics: did you like the comment of some Ukrainian guy? Enter into a dialogue with him and perhaps, your conversation will move into a personal.

Dating websites

Despite the skeptical attitude to dating sites, you can find there a number of advantages. At first, unlike the variant with social networks, you know for sure that the guy you like is ready for communication – otherwise he wouldn’t be on this site! Unfortunately, international dating websites are not popular among Ukrainian men, because guys have to pay for their services. And Ukrainian dating websites are mainly free. You can try your luck there.

But be wise and remember that insane and obscene people can be everywhere! Do you remember how our parents taught us not to tell strangers your personal information? This rule works here as well. Be nice and open, but do not forget that it is still a stranger from the Internet. And don’t delay virtual relationships, transfer them into a real communication as soon as possible.

Real meeting

But if you are already in Ukraine, you have a big variety of places, where you can meet your future Ukrainian boyfriend. Restaurants, clubs, supermarkets, fitness club, foreign language courses, public holidays on the street, your friend’s party – the list can be endless. The real meeting is the best way to find out how interesting Ukrainian man can be.

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