Ukrainian newspapers

Historians think that the development of the Ukrainian press started in 1657 when a well-known hetman Vihovskiy created his Universals – the written documents with the legislative acts, where not only orders and directives were written, but some current news too.

Development of Ukrainian newspapers

Newspaper business started to develop from the second part of XVIII century.  Several copies of Newspaper “Kurier Lwowski” were issued in Lviv in 1749.

The first regular newspaper that saw the world in 1776, was “Gazette de Leopol”. It was published once a week.

One of the most popular kinds of Ukrainian media of 19th century was magazine. There were not so many differences between newspapers and magazines at that time. Newspapers consisted of two parts, the first part included some advertisements and orders of the government and local authorities, the next part included local news. The trait of the old media was that all newspapers and magazines contained some information about history of the country, its geography, ethnical peculiarities and current important questions.

The oldest Ukrainian newspaper

The oldest Ukrainian newspaper which survived till the present time, saw the world in 1881. It was “Gazeta Lwowska”.  The first newspaper that was issued in the Ukrainian language was “Zorya Galitskaya”. It was issued in 1848 for the first time. “Zorya Galitskaya” was a politically oriented newspaper. The great number of national ideas were proclaimed on its pages. At first, the newspaper was issued every month and it included only printed official documents of Rada. Later, journalists started to write various articles on economic and household topics, that’s why this newspaper became very popular not only among the intellectuals, but among peasants too.

The first issue of the newspaper had an aim to Unite Ukrainians and there was written that all Ukrainian people who lived on the East and West of the country had to be together. The first editor of “Zorya Galitskaya” was a famous politician and ambassador Anton Pavetskiy. He was the person who financed the issuing of this newspaper for several years. “ Zorya Galitskaya” existed for eight years.  More than 400 of copies were issued during this period of time.

Media in the Soviet Union

All media were under the total control of the Soviet Government during the Soviet period. All newspapers had the ideological orientation. The number of Ukrainian newspapers decreased. It was allowed to watch only two TV channels and to listen to only three radio stations at that time. Ukrainian press almost disappeared, only 28 Ukrainian newspapers were issued in 1923. 50 Ukrainian newspapers were issued in 1926 after proclamation of development of Ukrainian language. Almost 87% of newspapers were published in Ukrainian language in 1932. They were “Bilshovyk of Ukraine”, “Vistnyk”, “Dilo” and “Ukrainian golos”.

Media in the Independent Ukraine

When Ukraine became Independent, a great number of Ukrainian newspapers saw the world. Ukrainian media started to develop at the rapid pace. More and more newspapers and magazines appeared on the territory of Ukraine. Nowadays, there are about 29 000 different kinds of periodicals that are registered in Ukraine.

The most popular Ukrainian newspapers

“Argumenty i Fakty”

Argumenty i Fakty
Argumenty i Fakty

It is the weekly newspaper in Russian language that is issued in Kiev on Thursdays since 1995. The main editor of the newspaper is Mikhail Gladkiy. The edition of the newspaper is 170 000.

“Argumenty i Fakty” was awarded as the best weekly newspaper of Ukraine in 2002.

 “Komsomolskaya Pravda UA”


The owner of the “Komsomolskaya Pravda UA” is Sergey Kucherenko, Ukrainian oligarch. The newspaper is issued in two variants, in a color format and in black and white copy. Newspaper started the own site in 2004 that became one of the most visited media sites of Ukraine in 2009. The printed version of the newspaper was among the most popular Ukrainian weekly newspapers.

By the law of the Decommunization in Ukraine in 2016, the newspaper changed its name to “KP in Ukraine”, but the old version of its name is still used on the official site.

“Gazeta Segodnya”

Gazeta Segodnya
Gazeta Segodnya

“Segodnya” is the daily social-political newspaper that is issued in Russian language. The newspaper is printed in its own printing house. It is read by people starting from 12 to 65 years old.

For the first time “Gazeta Segodnya” was issued in 1997 in Kiev. The internet version of the newspaper saw the world in 2007. The main editor of the newspaper is Olga Gyk, the main editor of the internet version is Svetana Panyshkina. “Gazeta Segodnya” is a socio-political edition.

“Fakty i Kommentarii”

Fakty i Kommentarii
Fakty i Kommentarii

It is the Ukrainian daily newspaper that is issued in Russian language. The first time it was published in 1997. It is possible to read the fresh issue of the newspaper five times per week, the newspaper is not issued on Sunday and Monday. The owner and the main editor of the newspaper is Aleksandr Shvets. Newspaper is edited in such cities as Donetsk, Dnepr, Kiev, Lviv, Rovno, Lugansk, Kharkov and Nikolaev.

Ukrainian newspaper “Svoboda”


“Svoboda” is the oldest newspaper written in the Ukrainian language in the world. It has been published since 1893. It is the emigrant newspaper that is issued in the USA. Such famous Ukrainian personalities, writers and journalists as I. Franko, Bogdan Lepkiy, Volodimir Gnatyuk and Anatol Kurdidik coworked with “Svoboda”. There is an official site of the newspaper where it is possible to read all interesting issues of old times, but you will not find issues from the current year. It is available only to subscribers of “Svoboda”.

Other Ukrainian newspapers:

  • “Zerkalo Nedeli”;
  • “Holos Ukraini”;
  • “Den”;
  • “Delovaya Stolitsa”;
  • “Antenna”;
  • “Berdyansk Delovoy”;
  • “Stolichnye Novosti”;
  • “Simya I Dim”;
  • “Ukraina Moloda”.

Ukrainian newspapers issued in English language

“Kyiv Post”

Kyiv Post
Kyiv Post

“Kyiv Post” is a weekly Ukrainian newspaper that is issued in English language and is published in Kiev. It can be also found in English and Russian in the electronic variant. It was established by American Citizen   Jed Sunden in 1995. Mohammad Zahur, the citizen of the Great Britain, is the owner of the newspaper from 1999. The “Kyiv Post” informs about the latest news in the world and Ukraine, contains interviews of famous people, articles on business, political, economic , sports and other topics.

“The Kiev Times”

It is the Ukrainian newspaper, issued once a month. Its establisher is the British businessman Duncan Heysel. The newspaper is distributed in big cities free of charge. It is published in Russian and English languages.

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