Ukrainian personality traits

At first glance, it is impossible to say anything concrete about the nature of the whole nation, because everyone is an individual with its own character. But, as it turns out, each nation has specific national character. More than that, there is a science “Ethnopsychology”, which studies the characteristic features of national characters. What are Ukrainian people like? What character features are specific for Ukrainian nature, and what features are just stereotypes? Let’s try to shed the light on main Ukrainian traits.

Exceptional hospitality

Since ancient times, Ukrainians are famous for their exceptional hospitality. Let’s just recall how traditionally they host their dear and honorable guests – with «bread-and-salt». And this is no accident, because bread is a symbol of welfare, and salt is a symbol of love and respect for their guests. The hostess will put only the best dishes on the table, cooked with love and warm feelings.

Hard-working nature

Speaking of Ukrainian people characteristics, it’s impossible not to mention hard work. It comes from their history; Ukrainians lived on a fertile ground. So, they understood that their welfare depends only on their willing hands. Hence – extraordinary hard-working nature.

Sense of Humor

Ukrainians are people with humor. And not only their contemporaries know how to play jokes, but also their remote ancestors. Suffice it to recall, how Zaporozhian Cossacks wrote a letter to the Turkish Sultan, which was full of inimitable sense of humor. Just give a glance on a famous painting by Ilya Repin “Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan”, and you will see how fun it was.

The peculiarity of Ukrainian sense of humor is also how honestly they joke about themselves and their excesses. Ukrainians ridiculed themselves the love to pork fat so much, so other nations do not even consider it is a joke. It became a stereotype “Ukrainians can’t live without salo”. Though, they can.


Among other character features we can also name the frugality. Ukrainians indeed have the caring attitude towards material and spiritual goods, to their property. Let’s take, for example, the phrase, which is often used in Ukrainian commercials: «Why pay more?». This phrase emphasizes the thrift, which is common to Ukrainian people.


Many historians and researchers agree that Ukrainians are mostly introverts – they are interested in their inner world, the problems of their own small society. That’s why native land, family and close relatives have the main value for Ukrainian people. It is important to note, that introverts are peaceful, undisposed to aggression and violence and they are focused on their own inner freedom.

Heart over mind

Specific feature of the Ukrainian mentality is their focus on the inner emotional-sensual world, where the burning «Heart» dominates over the cold rational «Head». This feature is called cordocentrism. Ukrainians often take decisions with the help of heart instead of head. Systematic approach to solving the task is alien to them. This is one of Ukrainian weaknesses, but at the same time, they are able to make choices intuitively.

Strong-willed women

In order to understand the character of Ukrainian women, it is necessary to appeal to the history. The constant absence of Cossack husbands, who went to the Sich or campaigns, made woman to be in charge. They had to run the life of society, and it was an enormously heavy responsibility. And sometimes, they even followed their men during campaigns. In other words, the Ukrainian woman was a reliable support, a wise adviser, a “comrade-in-arms” and a partner to her husband. So, for Ukrainians, the idea of gender equality in a family or in society was genetically formed. A woman in Ukraine has always had the will to make independent decisions. Maybe it is one of those qualities, which attract men from all over the world to Ukrainian beauties.

Devotion to singing

Ukrainians like to sing very much. They like to sing everywhere, in the shower, “at the table”, at work, during parties, on the street, sometimes provoking a sincere surprise of those around them. In order to love singing, a Ukrainian absolutely does not have to be able to do it well. And how can they not love to sing? You see, Ukrainian folk songs are so beautiful, so melodic, so sensual. The love of singing was formed in Ukrainians at genetic level by their grandmothers, who sang lullabies.

Of course, as there is no ideal person, there is no ideal nation. There are negative features in the Ukrainian character as well. Let’s face some of them:

  • Social passivity. The largest contribution to its occurrence was made by the Famine-Genocide, which claimed the lives of a quarter of the population. The threat of physical destruction of the entire nation started the mechanism of survival. It transformed into a social opportunism, political passivity, expectation that someone else have to solve their problems.
  • Jealousy. Sad to say, but sense of envy is specific for a certain part of citizens, who are not happy with the success of other compatriots. Sometimes it is difficult for them to witness other people’s victories.
  • Groundless dreaminess. Dreams without deeds remain just empty dreams. Unfortunately, this peculiarity is often observed among Ukrainians.

However, Ukrainians are a nation with a highly developed spiritual culture, traditions and moral qualities, which means — a nation of great opportunities and achievements.

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