Ukrainian pop music

Ukrainians are very talented people and reached success in many spheres. Music is not an exception. There are a lot of Ukrainian pop singers that are well-known all over the world.

Development of  Ukrainian pop music by decades

Ukrainian pop music is greatly influenced by Western pop music and started gaining popularity in sixties.


A great number of folk rock bands appeared in Ukraine in seventies. One of the most famous bands was Kobza. Kobza played folk jazz and was the real instrumental band. Such famous singers as Sofia Rotary and Nazariy Yaremchuk started their career in seventies too and made a great contribution into development of the Ukrainian music.


This period in Ukrainian music is characterized by Russian influence. Many popular artists began singing in Russian language. A lot of Ukrainian pop stars moved to Russia and continued their career in Moscow.


Nineties are characterized by the real breakthrough in the Ukrainian pop music. It happened thanks to the Festival “Chervona Ruta” that was organized for the first time in Chernivtsi in 1989 and to another festival “Pisenniy Vernisazh” that took place in 1992. One of the best and most popular Ukrainian groups was “Green Grey”. They organized concerts all over the world. Other popular music artists of nineties:

  • Yurko Yurchenko;
  • Band “Akva Vita”;
  • Viktor Pavlik;
  • Levko Durko;
  • Pavel Zibrov;
  • Alla Kudlay;
  • Irina Bilyk.


A great number of modern Ukrainian pop stars appeared in 2000s. New bands and singers appeared every day. It is impossible to retell about all of them, so, let’s have a look at the best Ukrainian singers of the present time.

Best Ukrainian pop singers

Ruslana Lyzhychko

Ruslana is a representative of the popular Ukrainian music. She is not only a talented singer; she also takes part in the social life of Ukraine. She was able to show the freedom of the Ukrainian spirit on the Eurovision contest in 2004 and became the winner. She always sings in Ukrainian language, due to her patriotic ideas. Her song “Wild Dances” was number one in all Ukrainian charts at that time.



One more popular Ukrainian singer is Gaitana. She sings her songs not only in Ukrainian language, there are some songs in English and Russian languages. Gaitana is the real black pearl of the Ukrainian stage; she was born in Kongo and has African roots.


Jamala is a Crimea-Tatar and Ukrainian popular singer. She performs in different music styles: pop, blues, jazz and even opera style. Jamala sings in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages. This talented extraordinary singer was able to win the Eurovision contest in 2016. She got 323 voices from the audience and 211 voices of jury members. The song “1944” was dedicated to the Stalin’s deportation of the Crimean Tatars and was among top Ukrainian songs of 2016.

Other popular songs of Jamala:

  • It’s me Jamala;
  • Way to home;
  • Hate love;
  • Sing it out;
  • In my shoes.

Best Ukrainian pop bands


“Dzidzio” is a very peculiar Ukrainian band. The name of the music band means “grandfather” (from Carpathian language).They perform cheerful and funny music that is extremely popular among young generation. “Dzidzio” are the real patriots and sing all their songs in native language.

“Vremya I Steklo”


“Vremya I Steklo” is one of the most popular Ukrainian bands. It consists of two singers Nadya Dorofeeva and Aleksey Zavgorodniy. This duo was formed by the popular producer and pop singer Potap.  Band “Vremya I Steklo” took part in such music events as “Crimea Music Fest”, “ Slavyanskiy Bazar”, “Golden Gramophone Awards” and other music festivals.

Best songs of “Vremya I Steklo”: Name 505; Back to Leto.

“Okean Elzy”

“Okean Elzy” is a popular Ukrainian rock band that is known all over the world. The band was formed in Lviv in 1994. Its vocalist, Svyatoslav Varachkuk, is famous not only because of his recognizable voice and charisma, but because he is the real patriot of Ukraine. He sings all songs in the Ukrainian language.

“Okean Elzy” released ten albums, the first one was released in 1998 and was named “There , where we aren’t”.

The most popular songs by “Okean Elzy”:

  • Thank you;
  • I want so much ;
  • Not your war;
  • Embrace;
  • Life begins again.


All Ukrainian pop singers and bands are very active in their artistic lives. They make music videos (you can watch videos on M1 music channel – the most popular music channel of Ukraine). The channel organizes annual music ceremony – Ukrainian music awards. Best pop singers and their works are highly appreciated and can be awarded in more than 10 nominations.

Ukraine organizes many music festivals and one of the most popular is the Ukrainian music week. It includes concerts of famous pop singers and bands, presentations of their new music projects, BBQ party near the river Dnieper.

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