Ukrainian tattoos

Over the past few years, the attitude towards tattooing In Ukraine has changed radically – both as a culture, and simply as a drawing on the body of our friends and acquaintances. Today, tattoos stopped being associated with a sign of a mafia group or a tribal affiliation, as it was many generations ago. It became a regular body decoration. So, how do things stand with tattoos in Ukraine?

Patriotic fashion

Patriotic fashion, which has become an actual trend over the past few years, has embraced various areas of people’s lives. Ukrainian traditional ornaments and symbols have become a vogue not only in clothing and accessories design, but also in tattoos. So what are the most popular ideas for tattoos?

tryzub trident tattoo

The trident. One of the most popular tattoo designs is a trident, which is not surprising, because it is the coat of arms of Ukraine. A tattoo with a Ukrainian trident means will, freedom, unity and good. This symbol is steeped in the Ukrainian historical traditions. A tattoo with a trident was considered to be a male attribute, however for the last few years the tendency has changed. Ukrainian girls more often manifest a desire to have this tattoo; they choose miniature images, unlike male hefty tattoos.

cross stitch embroidery ukrainian tattoo

Cross-stitch embroidery. Another fashionable novelty is to “draw” cross-stitch embroidery on the body! Ukrainian national clothes are characterized by embroidered patterns, that is why real Ukrainian patriots consider «vyshyvanka» to be a “patriotic mark” and increasingly often tattoo it on their bodies. Most times, embroidery is drawn on the arms and shoulders in red-black or blue colors, which looks almost as good as the real one. What is interesting, such “embroidered” tattoos are considered to be cool not only among Ukrainians. Many foreigners leave Ukraine with “embroidered” arms.

cossack kozak tattoo

Cossack (kozak). The interest of young people in this composite character of a real hero could not fail to please the older generation. The image of Cossack, symbolizing strength and honesty, power and a good heart, is increasingly becoming a prototype for many sketches. Such a tattoo is the prerogative of men who want to emphasize their own courage and fearlessness. The color scheme of the picture can be either multicolored or monochrome, and the image is usually large in size, suitable for the shoulder, back and chest.

Lettering writing. Also, Ukrainians tend to make tattoos with pro-Ukrainian sayings, quotes, catchy phrases, poems of Taras Shevchenko or lines from favorite Ukrainian songs of the band “Okean Elzy”, for example.  One of the most popular lettering tattoos now is Ukrainian battle-cry «Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes». For such inscriptions Ukrainians usually choose different hand lettering fonts.

Tattoos in the form of Ukrainian map or paintings of Ukrainian artists are also in fashion. And as for the hieroglyphs, tribal tattoos, they take a back seat in a world of tattooing.

Why do Ukrainians make tattoos

According to a survey, recently conducted among tattooed residents of Ukraine, the main reasons for taking this serious step are:

  • Way of self-expression. Therefore, in a greater degree it is young people who get a tattoo, as they are in quest of themselves and just want to be different from the others. Some just want to look cool.
  • Wish to emphasize individuality. Usually it is an author’s work with deep meaning, which describes his or her personality and gives an opportunity to feel special.
  • Ideology. This is a way to express an attitude towards religion and politics. Such drawings are of great importance for Ukrainians, and each time they remind their owners who they are, and what they fight for.
  • Shedding inhibitions. Vulnerable, unprotected people choose images of the Gods, furious animals, thereby they build a protective barrier, which protects their inner world.
  • Cosmetic. There are many Ukrainians who make tattoo to mask some skin defects, such as scars, burns, pigment spots and so on.

Manifestation of feminism

Ukrainian girls began to make tattoos even more often than guys do. It is a kind of manifestation of feminism, the aspiration for equal rights. Some Ukrainian ladies believe that “drawings” on their bodies make them more attractive in the eyes of men.

Favorite places to get ink done

Hands are the mainstream place on the body for tattoos. Ukrainians choose these parts of a body because it’s not so painful to get a picture on your hands, and it’s always in sight. More courageous Ukrainians make tattoos on legs, neck, stomach and back. As for tattoos in intimate places, they have fallen into oblivion.

What is the average price in Ukraine

The cost of work directly depends on the complexity of the drawing, its size, the selected body part and the professionalism of the master. Approximate price of a medium-sized tattoo is about $60-80. By the way, the work of Ukrainian tattoo artists is the cheapest and the most professional in Europe. Foreign customers visit Ukrainian salons really often.

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