Yes and No in Ukrainian

Before going to Ukraine, it would be a useful to find out some information about special aspects and traditions of the country. First of all, you need to know the regular way to accept or reject something in different situations. As Ukrainian is very old and massive language with huge history, the ways to answer vary from situation to situation.

Ways to refuse or agree in Ukrainian

Nowadays, Ukrainians use a lot of words to agree with statement or answer a question.

  • Tak (write in Cyrillic – так);
  • Avzhezh (synonym of «tak», the most similar to English word «of course», write – авжеж);
  • Spravdi (write – справді);
  • Domovy`ly`s` (This word is used when you agree with statement to do something, or bet about something. For example: to sign contract or treaty. Write in Cyrillic – домовились).

As we talking about refusing, first of all, you shall keep in mind next words:

  • Ni (write in Cyrillic – ні);
  • Zaperechuyu (This word is typically used in business meeting or in formal setting. Write – заперечую);
  • Ne zgoden (to explain that you have misunderstandings about something, write – не згоден).

Origin of Ukrainian words «tak» and «ni»

The word «tak» originates from the Old East Slavic language. This word occurred as a result of compilation of pronoun base «ta» and suffix «ko». This pronoun has derives from demonstrative pronoun «tъ», which means «that is». After transformations and evolving this word get changed to Proto-Slavic «takъ», and then to Old Slavonic «tako». However, this word has reached our days and typically used in huge amount of situations, not only in Ukrainian, but in Slovenian and Polish languages.

As for the word «ni», the way of evolving was quite similar with «tak». It originates from the Old East Slavic language «nъ» and then transformed to «nie» or «ne», depending on the region peculiarities. The way to say «no» using the word «ne» has become very popular in Bulgaria. The word «ni» derived from combination of Proto-Slavic words «ne je (stъ) «, which means «it is not right».

Ukrainian basic words are easy to keep in mind, moreover, if you use synonyms of these words, this will make your communication with locals easier and friendlier.

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