Famine in Ukraine (1932-1933)

Ukraine is known as a «breadbasket» of Europe thanks to its fertile soil and wheat. It is really difficult to imagine that only about 85 years ago people starved to death on the territory of Ukraine, though there was no natural disaster or a catastrophe. Millions of people died in Ukraine, while Soviet Union was […]

Vegetarian borscht recipe

Borscht is a tasty Ukrainian beet soup. Ukrainians are proud of this legendary dish and like to eat it, because it is healthy and nutrient. There are numerous recipes of this traditional soup, some of them suppose using meat for the broth, or they can be vegetarian or vegan. The main ingredients for all recipes […]

Interesting facts about Ukraine for kids

Ukraine is a beautiful European country with the rich history, a lot of places of interest, wonderful nature and friendly citizens. Facts from Geography of Ukraine Ukraine means «Region» or «Borderland». Ukraine is the second largest European country. Its area is 603,623 km². Ukraine is situated in the Eastern Europe and has borders with such […]

Fun and weird facts about Ukraine

Ukraine is a European country with the rich history and it is not a secret that there are a lot of weird and fun facts about this country. Let’s have a look at some of them. Fun Ukrainian traditions and everyday life Right hand for the wedding ring Ukrainian people are really weird, they wear […]

Ukrainian government and political system of Ukraine

Ukraine is a Presidential Representative democratic republic with the multi-party system.  Executive power is conducted by the Government and the President. Legislative power belongs to Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian Parliament). Ukraine became Independent on August 24, 1991.The first president of Ukraine was Leonid Kravchuk. It was necessary to solve a lot of difficult tasks at that […]

Ukrainian newspapers

Historians think that the development of the Ukrainian press started in 1657 when a well-known hetman Vihovskiy created his Universals – the written documents with the legislative acts, where not only orders and directives were written, but some current news too. Development of Ukrainian newspapers Newspaper business started to develop from the second part of […]

Interesting facts about Ukraine

A lot of people have heard about Ukraine in the last years, but there is a great number of interesting facts, not so many people know about this amazing country. Ukraine is not only a combination of rich heritage, beautiful landscapes, traditions, delicious cuisine and the most beautiful ladies, it is also one of the […]

Ukrainian citizenship – how to get, how to give up, requirements and immigration laws

If a person wishes to get the Ukrainian citizenship, there should be strictly provided grounds. The process of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is quite difficult and long because the decision about it is made by the President of Ukraine. Such documents as a birth certificate, for people whoare under 16, and a passport of the Ukrainian […]

Ukrainian visa – types, how to get, requirements and fees

Visa to Ukraine for foreign citizens is the official allowance to enter the territory of Ukraine for a definite period of time. This document has several stages of protection, they are: holographic and water stamps, stamp with the serial number. Information that is depicted in the visa: place where visa was issued; the date of […]

Population of Ukraine: statistics, birth and death rate, life expectancy

Ukraine occupies the 31st place in the list of countries by population. Ukrainian citizens represent 0,66% of the world’s population and it means that one person of 153 people in the world is Ukrainian. Demographics crisis in Ukraine The demographics of any country includes statistics on ethnicity, population growth, its density, economic status, health and […]