Floral symbols of Ukraine: flowers and trees

From ancient times floral symbols were very important for Ukrainians. Plants are signs of Ukrainian spiritual strength, they confirm people’s love for their country. There in’t the one and only national flower of Ukraine as different flowers play different roles in Ukrainian culture. Periwinkle Periwinkle (barvinok) is a symbol of fidelity and eternity. The flower […]

Ukrainian cabbage rolls “golubtsi” recipes

Cabbage rolls is a dish common to the cuisines of Europe and West Asia. The main ingredients for cabbage roll are cabbage leaves wrapped about different fillings. Name The name for stuffed cabbage rolls in Ukrainian language is “golubtsi” or “holubtsi” (singular – “golubets’”). The etymology of the word is vague, though there are two […]

How to cook Ukrainian pancakes nalysnyky: recipes

Nalysnyky («налисники») are Ukrainian crepes with different fillings. It’s a very popular dish in all regions of the country. Rolled pancakes with different fillings are made in different countries of the world, the principle of making is the same, but batter, stuffing can differ. Ukrainians cook crepes and nalysnyky from ancient times. They can be […]

Best Ukrainian sea and ski resorts

Ukraine is a country with great possibilities for rest and spending holidays. Two seas, mountains, wonderful nature, authentic culture make Ukraine attractive for tourist from all over the world. If you want to spend your vacation in Ukraine, you can choose one of these popular resorts – ski or sea. You may not see famous […]

Main airports of Ukraine

There are about 30 airports meant for passenger and cargo transportation. Sixteen of them are international. Air travels are expensive for most of Ukrainians. Tickets for domestic flights cost three to five times as much as train tickets. For this reason only ten Ukrainian airports are regarded as functional. Below there is a list of […]

Ukrainian currency

Hryvnia (pronunciation [ˈɦrɪu̯ɲɑ]) is a monetary unit and official currency of Ukraine. It was proclaimed the national currency in September 1996 by President L. Kuchma. Hryvnia hundredth part is kopiyka. Ukrainian grivna code is UAH, currency symbol is ₴, abbreviation in Ukrainian – grn. History Name of Ukrainian currency dates back to Kievan Rus’ times […]

Ukrainian pampushki: types and recipes

Pampushki (singular – pampushka) are small buns made of yeasted dough and usually served with borscht. These buns are very popular among the Ukrainians and they can be definitely considered as traditional Ukrainian food. For a long time Ukrainians cooked this typical for Ukrainian cuisine dish for holidays, on weekends, for memorial ceremonies. Recipes of […]

Khortytsya Island

Khortytsia (Хортиця) is the largest island on the river Dnieper. It is located within the limits of Zaporizhia in the southeastern part of Ukraine. Total area of Khortytsya is more than 23 km2, length – 12,5 km, width 2,5 km. The island is famous for its unique nature and important historical findings. Today it has […]

Ukrainian names: origin and meaning

From long ago Ukrainians thoroughly chose names for their babies, because they knew – child’s destiny may depend on chosen name. While choosing a name, parents wanted to guarantee a numen protection. That’s why Ukrainian princes and hetmans had glorious names such as Izyaslav (one who gets his glory) and Bohdan (one who is given […]

Medical Universities in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country with broad options for education. Several dozens of universities, institutes, academies open their doors for students from Ukraine and any other country in the world. Here you will find information about top Ukrainian medical universities. The list will help you to choose where to study medicine in Ukraine. Zaporizhia State Medical […]