Ukrainian citizenship – how to get, how to give up, requirements and immigration laws

If a person wishes to get the Ukrainian citizenship, there should be strictly provided grounds. The process of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is quite difficult and long because the decision about it is made by the President of Ukraine. Such documents as a birth certificate, for people whoare under 16, and a passport of the Ukrainian […]

Ukrainian visa – types, how to get, requirements and fees

Visa to Ukraine for foreign citizens is the official allowance to enter the territory of Ukraine for a definite period of time. This document has several stages of protection, they are: holographic and water stamps, stamp with the serial number. Information that is depicted in the visa: place where visa was issued; the date of […]

Population of Ukraine: statistics, birth and death rate, life expectancy

Ukraine occupies the 31st place in the list of countries by population. Ukrainian citizens represent 0,66% of the world’s population and it means that one person of 153 people in the world is Ukrainian. Demographics crisis in Ukraine The demographics of any country includes statistics on ethnicity, population growth, its density, economic status, health and […]

Agriculture in Ukraine

Agriculture is one of the main fields in the economy of Ukraine due to its climate and demographic reasons (the density of population in the rural areas in Ukraine is quite high).  Ukraine occupies the third place in the world in the corn export, fifth place in the wheat export. Ukraine has a fame of […]

Ukrainian airlines — companies, fleet, directions, tickets

Ukrainian airlines carry out great number of flights to all continents. Carriers are constantly developing to provide better service to the clients, to guarantee the Ukrainian airlines safety and to make flights more comfortable. About 77 airlines were registered in Ukraine in 2016, but in reality only about ten of them conduct regular flights. The […]

Ukrainian railways: history, structure, stations

Ukrainian railways or “Ukrzaliznytsia” is the main state enterprise which specializes on cargo and passenger transportation. It has a well-developed structure that provides links between large cities of regional importance with nearby cities and villages, regional centers with the capital. Nowadays “Ukrzaliznytsia” is the fourth largest rail transporter on the Euro-Asian continent. History of Ukrainian […]

Ukrainian dumplings galushki: history, types, recipe

Galushki are the lumps of dough boiled in water, milk or broth. They are made mostly of flour (wheat, buckwheat and their mixtures), as well as of semolina and combinations of flour with potatoes, cheese and other products (such as onions, apples). Galushki is a simple dish; it was and is considered to be specific […]

Famous Ukrainian sportsmen

Outstanding Ukrainian sportsmen glorify their country not just within Ukraine but also far beyond its boundaries. They became world famous due to their hard work, will to win and deep sense of patriotism. Here is the list of Ukraine Olympics and other world famous Ukrainian sportsmen, who made a significant contribution to the development of […]

Ukrainian surnames: origin and meaning

Ukrainian surnames, as well as names, had always special meaning from the ancient times. They gave the additional important information about human origin and estate, the genealogy and type of craft. Common Ukrainian last names are not the exception. One has only to mention popular Ukrainian last names and such surnames as Shevchenko, Petrenko, Doroshenko […]

Ukrainian scientists

Ukrainians are ones of the most resourceful and smartest people in the world, Ukrainian scientists prove it. Throughout the history scientists from Ukraine repeatedly impressed their foreign colleagues with Ukrainian inventions. Here is the list of Ukrainian inventors and scientists, who became eminent in their field and made a great contribution to the world science. […]