Ukrainian railways: history, structure, stations

Ukrainian railways or “Ukrzaliznytsia” is the main state enterprise which specializes on cargo and passenger transportation. It has a well-developed structure that provides links between large cities of regional importance with nearby cities and villages, regional centers with the capital. Nowadays “Ukrzaliznytsia” is the fourth largest rail transporter on the Euro-Asian continent. History of Ukrainian […]

Ukrainian dumplings galushki: history, types, recipe

Galushki are the lumps of dough boiled in water, milk or broth. They are made mostly of flour (wheat, buckwheat and their mixtures), as well as of semolina and combinations of flour with potatoes, cheese and other products (such as onions, apples). Galushki is a simple dish; it was and is considered to be specific […]

Famous Ukrainian sportsmen

Outstanding Ukrainian sportsmen glorify their country not just within Ukraine but also far beyond its boundaries. They became world famous due to their hard work, will to win and deep sense of patriotism. Here is the list of Ukraine Olympics and other world famous Ukrainian sportsmen, who made a significant contribution to the development of […]

Ukrainian surnames: origin and meaning

Ukrainian surnames, as well as names, had always special meaning from the ancient times. They gave the additional important information about human origin and estate, the genealogy and type of craft. Common Ukrainian last names are not the exception. One has only to mention popular Ukrainian last names and such surnames as Shevchenko, Petrenko, Doroshenko […]

Ukrainian scientists

Ukrainians are ones of the most resourceful and smartest people in the world, Ukrainian scientists prove it. Throughout the history scientists from Ukraine repeatedly impressed their foreign colleagues with Ukrainian inventions. Here is the list of Ukrainian inventors and scientists, who became eminent in their field and made a great contribution to the world science. […]

Typical Ukrainian women

There is a stereotype concerning the description of a typical Ukrainian woman that she has “black eyebrows and brown eyes” like in outstanding Ukrainian song “Ochi chornye” («Black eyes»). But practically this cliché turns out to be old, as there is a great variety of fair-haired and dark-haired Ukrainians with blue, green or grey eyes. […]

Ukrainian cabbage soup kapusniak recipes

Kapusniak is a traditional Ukrainian soup that takes the second place by popularity after borscht. This dish was named after its basic ingredient, sauerkraut, which is pronounced as “капуста” (kapusta) in Ukrainian. This pickled vegetable adds special flavor and sour taste to Ukrainian cabbage soup. Kapusniak is especially popular in winter time for its density, […]

Ukrainian decorated Easter eggs pysanky

Pysanka is Ukrainian name of an Easter egg, ornamented with different folk patterns and motifs using wax and colorful dyes. The word “pysanka” originated from Ukrainian verb “pysaty”, which means “to write”. History of pysanka in Ukraine Ceremonial eggs decorating have a very deep history in Ukrainian culture. According to archeological excavation results the most […]

Traditional Ukrainian shoes: history, types, features, sizes

Ukrainians were always famous for their ability to dress and look perfect. One of the most prominent Ukrainian artists Ilya Repin once said: “Only Parisians and Ukrainians have good taste in clothes…Ukrainian costumes are truly folk, graceful and convenient, despite huge boots…” It’s hard to imagine Ukrainian nation without their bright red boots. Being an […]

Ukrainian embroidery: history, regional features, colors and patterns

Ukrainian embroidery takes the special place among other Ukrainian decorative arts. It is the result of complicated and painstaking labor, filled with great color variety and sacral ornaments. There are two variants of embroidery, manual and machine, which are used for male and female traditional Ukrainian shirts (“vyshyvanka”), dresses, towels (“rushnyk”) and household items, such […]