Best Ukrainian rock bands

Do you like Rock? Ukraine has something to pamper you! Many Ukrainian rock bands, by the quality of their music, can stand shoulder to shoulder with their colleagues around the world. Let’s find out who are the most popular Ukrainian rock music groups.

Vopli Vidoplyasova

No doubt, one of the most interesting and most original rock groups of Ukraine is “Vopli Vidoplyasova” or shortly – “VV”. They are the live legends of Ukrainian rock stage. This band appeared as a certain youth banter, the success of which was exactly in the exotic sound of Ukrainian words for the Russian-speaking listeners. Little by little banter was replaced by lyrics and folklore. Interestingly, none of “VV” members had musical education. Nevertheless, in 1987 “VV” with their frontman Oleg Skrypka debuted at the Kyiv Rock Festival, where they won their first prize “The best band of the Year”.

vopli vidoplyasova

To date, “Vopli Vidoplyasova” is one of the most famous Ukrainian rock stars in the world. Discography “VV” has 10 albums; the group is actively touring throughout Ukraine and abroad.

Recommended for listening:

  • “Dance”, their first hit song, 1989;
  • “The Land of Dreams”, 1994;
  • “Spring”, the most popular their song, written in France in 1996;
  • “Birthday”, 1999;
  • “Vacation” , 2010;
  • “Talalai”, 2015.

Okean Elzy

okean elzy

Speaking about Ukrainian rock stars we cannot fail to mention “Okean Elzy” or shortly “O.E.”. It is a unique combination of true Slavic melodies with a powerful expressive energy. Musical critics have repeatedly recognized “Okean Elsy” as the best rock band of Ukraine and Eastern Europe. And it is gratifying to note that with each new album their music becomes more interesting and mature.

Interesting fact, the frontman of “O.E.” Slava Vakarchuk is not only a singer, an author of the majority of their texts and music, he also has a degree is theoretical physics.

So, recommended for listening:

  • “It is cold”, 2002;
  • “Without a Fight”, 2005;
  • “In heaven”, 2013;
  • “Someone like you”, 2008;
  • “The Day”, 2000.

The Hardkiss


Today it is impossible to imagine Ukrainian Rock without the sensational band “The Hardkiss”. It is a Ukrainian mainly English-speaking music group, which appeared in 2011 and instantly gained fame as a band that works at the level of the best Western music projects. Over the years of “The Hardkiss” existence, their frontwoman Julia Sanina became not only a charismatic vocalist, but also a fashion icon.

Just a week after the presentation, their debut music video «Babylon» has received thousands of views on YouTube, and also became a sensation on social networks. Within a month, new Ukrainian rock stars were invited to open the show for the British band “Hurts”. Later, the band takes part in such famous festivals as Midem and Park Live; they played on one stage with “Prodigy”, “Deftones” and “Skillet”. In 2013, the brand Pepsi chose them to become their “voice and face” in Ukraine.

Highly recommended for listening:

  • “Babylon”, 2011;
  • “Shadows Of Time”, 2013;
  • “Stones”, 2014;
  • “Helpless”, 2016;
  • “The Ships”, Ukrainian-speaking song, 2017.



One more well-known rock group from Ukraine is “Antytila”. They became recognizable with their own song «I won’t forget the first night», when they took part in the music TV project “The Chance”. Within a year, guys became the winners of the famous Ukrainian festival – “Season’s pearls”. In 2010, guys went on their first tour throughout Ukraine.

Last year the band established a record under the notion “The largest number of cities, where the concerts of the band was performed within one tour”. In hundred days they have visited four countries: Ukraine, Belarus, USA and Canada, gave 46 official concerts and 26 of them were played in March. This spring 2018, the band goes on a big tour of 11 cities in North America and Canada. Guys are always welcome abroad; tickets for their concert are sold out long before the event starts. For Ukrainian fans, this band announces a big anniversary tour in spring of 2019.

Recommended for listening:

  • “I won’t forget the first night”, 2007;
  • “Make a choice”, 2011;
  • “Over the poles”, 2013;
  • “Everything’s lovely”, 2015;
  • “Dance”, 2016;
  • “TDME” or “Where we are”, 2017.



Modern rock music is constantly split into various directions, and indie rock is among them. “Zetetics” — is a young but really promising Ukrainian indie-rock band. They mainly have English lyrics and powerful guitar sound. The debut album «Finally I See» is included in the list of the best Ukrainian albums under the version «INSPIRED». The vocalist and creator of the project Angelika Bugayova took part in the vocal show «The Voice» in 2011.

In 2016 Zetetics went on their live tour of Europe. They played a series of acoustic performances on the streets and central squares of European cities: Budapest, Venice, Barcelona, ​​Paris and Amsterdam. For such an unusual and rather risky idea, «Zetetics» was inspired by street shows of “Zaz”, “LP”, “U2”.

They released 4 albums so far. Now, recommended for listening:

  • “Fly Away”, one of their most popular song, 2015;
  • “You Would Never Know”, 2015;
  • “Me Myself and I”, 2015;
  • “Even Tonight”, 2017

Kozak System

 kozak system

Another Ukrainian band is worth mentioning. In 2012, ex- members of the “Haydamaky” band created a new successful musical project “Kozak System”, which became popular in Ukraine and abroad as well. Guys sing lyrical and topical songs in Ukrainian and play the accordion, guitar, trumpet and drums. They often perform in Poland and collaborate with Polish musicians. Over the years, the band played concerts in 18 countries.

Recommended for listening:

  • “So Tempting”, 2012;
  • “Dreams”, 2014;
  • “When she”, 2015;
  • “Not mine”, 2016.

Rock sounds really good in Ukrainian. The number of talented and promising bands, that play quality music, is getting bigger and bigger. So, dear rock fans, take a closer look at talented and ambitious bands from Ukraine – they have a lot to surprise you.

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