How to make Ukrainian flower crown

These days, not every girl knows how to do a flower crown, and more importantly – how to do it right. But the latest trends in the fashion world tell that this accessory can be a wonderful addition to the stylish look, making it more colorful and unusual. Ukrainian flower crown can be woven with fresh flowers and fake fabricated flowers, or fake flowers can be made with satin ribbons. To keep you up with fashion, we offer you three weaving wreath tutorials. Provide yourself with the necessary materials and let’s get started!

Ukrainian vinok with fresh flowers

If it is a warm season, then parks and forests are full of many beautiful flowers and herbs. What does it mean? It means that we have an opportunity to twine a wreath of fresh flowers.

Our woven flower crown will be not just a graceful and romantically looking headdress. It can also be a charm, which has a wonderful energy of love, youth and health. We are going to use: shrubby rose, which symbolizes joy of life, youth and energy, carnation – the symbol of women’s love, charm and faithfulness, and eucalyptus – a symbol of long life and health.

materials for flower crown

So, we will need:

  • wire for the base;
  • floral tape;
  • pruning scissors;
  • decorative wire;
  • our fresh flowers.

Let’s get started!

using tape

Step 1 – wrap the wire with a tape.

making a circle

Step 2 – form the base, keeping in mind the size of the head and carefully twist the ends of the wire.

preparing ribbons for wreath

Note: if you do not know the size of a head, you can do the base with loops for bands.

making small bouquets

Step 3 – cut flowers and form small bunches of flowers and eucalyptus branches, wrapping them with a floral tape. This special tape helps flowers to live without water for a long time. To get a lush wreath, you need to make about 10-12 bouquets.

beggining of making ukrainian wreath

Step 4 – fix the made-up bunches to the wire frame using a tape and decorative wire for good durability. Don’t forget to face bouquets in same direction as you move forward.

fixing bouquets

Step 5 – continue moving along your wire base, rotating roses and carnations. Place flowers only on the outside of the frame.

Step 6 – reaching the middle of the wreath, mark the center with the largest and full-blown roses. Step by step, continue with slightly opened flowers, and finish with buds. Fill empty space with extra flowers or greens.

Our flower crown is done!

ready ukrainian vinok

Ukrainian headdress with fake flowers

To make fake flower head wreath by yourself, you will need:

  • thin, but strong wire;
  • set of fake flowers;
  • hot glue gun;
  • floral tape;
  • scissors.

Step 1 – make a frame for a wreath using wire. You can weave it in the form of a braid using three pieces of wire. You already know what to do, if you don’t know the head size.

Step 2 – take a bouquet of fake flowers and cut the flower heads with scissors. It is preferable to cut flowers with a part of the scape, so it will be easier to weave them into a wreath.

Step 3 – fix fake flowers on the frame using a glue gun, and then wrap it with floral tape. Rotate flowers with different size and color grade.

Now you have a pretty spring-and-summer accessory.

Flower crown with ribbons

To create a wonderful wreath you will need:

  • colorful bands;
  • beads;
  • scissors;
  • headband;
  • hot glue gun.

First, we have to make flowers. There are many different methods of making a flower with a ribbon. But we will take a look at the simplest variant.

Step 1 – cut out a small circle of cardboard or hard paper. This circle will become the base of your flower and will be hidden under the petals. Also, you can cut out leaves from the green ribbon.

Step 2 – start gluing the tape to the top edge of the circle, forming a pleating.

Step 3 – continue to stick the tape in a spiral in 3 or more layers. When you reach the center, cut off the excess tape, tuck the tip and gently glue it.

Step 4 – drip a large blob of hot glue in the central part of a made-up flower and quickly fill it with beads.

Now, we shall proceed with making a wreath.

Step 5 – braid the headband with a green ribbon, fix its tip with glue. This will be our base.

Step 6 – stick the leaves along the outline of the headband. Put the elements with overlap, using different shades of green. Now, you can put flowers over the “leafy” base, fix them with the hot glue.

Ukrainian flower crown with ribbons is ready!

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