Job opportunities for foreigners in Ukraine

To find a good job is not a simple task for Ukrainians, not speaking about foreigners, but if you are persistent, purposeful and know what you want, you will find a job of your dream in Ukraine. There are foreigners who prefer to work in Ukraine and don’t wish to return to their mother countries.

Advantages of work in Ukraine for foreign specialists:

  • high salaries;
  • liberal labor legislation;
  • possibility to work for several companies simultaneously;
  • high chances to get leading positions.

Paperwork to be employed

To be legally employed in Ukraine, a person from another country has to get permission to work on the territory of Ukraine.

Categories of foreign citizens who don’t need permission to work in Ukraine:

  • individuals with permanent residence permit in Ukraine;
  • people with refugee status;
  • those who need temporary protection;
  • employees of foreign fleet and media;
  • professional sportsmen and artists;
  • workers of emergency services;
  • professors to work at universities.


There are three categories of foreign citizens according to Ukrainian legislation:

  • Special category (highly paid professionals, whose salary is more than 50 minimal incomes; graduates from top 100 international universities according to the Cabinet of Ministers List; employees of creative industry; IT specialists).
  • Second category (employees who are on business trips; intra-corporate assignees; foreigners who are going to get a refugee status).
  • Other foreign citizens.

Term of work permission validity

Term of work permission validity depends on the category of a foreign citizen.

  1. For special category and individuals who are on business trip permission is valid up to 3 years.
  2. For intra-corporate assignees – for the whole period of work on the Ukrainian territory.
  3. For other foreigners – work permission is valid for 1 year.

Set of required documents

  • One photo 3,4×4,5 cm.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Copy of employment contract.
  • Application.

To get work permission foreign citizens have to apply documents to the Employment Center, depending on the location of a company they are going to work for. Set of documents is reviewed for 7 days and then an Employment Center makes a decision and informs about it an employer. If the answer is positive, the employer has to pay a fee for issuing a working permit within 10 days.

Payment for work permit

To get a work permit in Ukraine, it is necessary to pay national fee in amount of:

  • 4 subsistence levels for employable people ( for permits that are valid from 6 months to 1 year);
  • 2 subsistence levels for permits valid less than half a year;
  • 6 subsistence levels for work permit that is valid from 1 to 3 years (for special category of foreigners).

Tips for job seekers

Of course, it is unusual for Ukrainian companies to hire foreigners. You have to use this advantage in your favor.

  • Demonstrate perfect knowledge of  your native or any foreign language you know;
  • If you can’t speak Ukrainian, then give preference to a company where the most staff speaks English;
  • If you are going to have an interview, choose a classic dress code;
  • Show readiness to adapt to new working environment;
  • Demonstrate your certificates and diplomas, they usually impress employers.

Popular vacancies


If you speak two or more languages, you will easily find a job in Ukraine. Look for vacancies in companies that cooperate with foreign partners or in various linguistic schools, translation bureaus. You can get a freelance or permanent employment. Amount of salary depends on skills of a candidate and a company, he is working for.

Teacher of foreign languages                                                                                           

One more variant is to work as a teacher. There are a lot of Ukrainians who have a great wish to know foreign languages. Number of different linguistic schools is constantly growing and native speakers are in great demand. You can give preference to individual teaching or work in several linguistic schools. If you choose a profession of a teacher, then be ready to work on weekends or in the evening. Be persistent and share your knowledge with others.

IT specialist

It is very popular to work in IT companies in Ukraine.  Many people wish to be engaged in IT business, because of high salaries, flexible working schedule, a lot of bonuses and a chance to climb a corporate ladder. Knowing of foreign languages is a must.


If you know a lot about cuisine of native country, you can easily become a chef. Culinary art is really appreciated in big Ukrainian cities like Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov. You can work as a chef in one of the prestigious restaurants or cafes.

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