Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University is one of the best universities for medicine in Ukraine.


KNMU was established in 1804 as a Medical Faculty of V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. The great opening took place in January 1805. In 1920, it was reorganized into the Kharkiv Medical Academy. Since 1951 KMNU has become an international University. Each year, more than 3500 foreign students study at University. Study MBBS in Ukraine is the best opportunity to get European education for African and Indian students.

Admission requirements

To become a KMNU’s student an applicant have to meet the University’s requirements and go through application procedure. First of all, applicant has to receive an invitation letter. All general information and validity of the provided documents are checked by The Department for Admission of Foreign Citizens, Visa and Passport Service.

Then the faculty will study grade sheets, CV and other documents in order to make a decision about the candidate. In case of positive decision, an applicant receives a letter of invitation and applies for a visa. Next step is admission and it is competitive. All foreign candidates have to pass examinations in the English or Russian languages and Biology.

There is a list of documents, which are required for foreign candidates:

  • An original and a copy of the valid passport.
  • Certificate of Secondary Education or High School Diploma with the grading scale (it is necessary to have such subjects in the list: Biology, Physics and Chemistry).
  • Birth certificate.
  • Certificate of insurance.
  • Medical health certificate (include HIV/AIDS test);
  • 8 passport size color photographs (4×6 cm);
  • Ticket with an open date valid for one year for return to home country.

All the documents have to be certified in accordance with the legislation of the country of their issue and to have notarized translation into Ukrainian language.


The studying processes are provided at Medical Faculties (I, II, III, IV Medical Faculties, V and VI Faculties for International Students) and Stomatological Faculty. KNMU has 70 departments, including departments for 1st-3rd year students and clinical departments, which are integrated with municipal hospitals. KNMU has its own research and training centers – “The University Clinic” and “The University Stomatological Centre”.
The education is given in the next specialties:

  • General Medicine;
  • Pediatrics;
  • Stomatology;
  • Nursing;
  • Pharmacy;
  • Postgraduation.

Information for Application form

An applicant can fill in an application form online on the official site of the Kharkiv National Medical University. This online form provides a possibility to attach all needed documents to become a student. An application form is very easy to work with. The candidate has to fill in the information about passport data, contact information, chosen studying program and educational background in appropriate cell.


The curriculum of the medical faculty of KNMU is approved by state authorities of Ukraine. Studying process lasts 6 years and leads to degree of MBBS or MD (Doctor of Medicine). Academic year starts on September, 1 and is divided into 2 terms. The curriculum provides two stages of doctor’s training: preclinical and clinical.

The main feature of the studying process at KNMU is an early start in clinical practice.

Studying process include attending formal lectures and seminars, private study in library, participating in examinations of patients, urgent aid, working at X-ray rooms and in clinical laboratories. Each specialty has its own curriculum, which determines the list of subjects and amount of hours for lectures, seminars, practical lessons and individual student work.



Kharkiv National Medical University has a big complex of buildings for the teaching process, and 7 hostels for all graduate and even post-graduate students.

The theoretical classes are held in six buildings of University. Practical studying is taking place in the wide net of clinical bases of Kharkiv’s medical institutions.

The modern buildings of KNAU are designed to give all facilities for any studying activities. The total area of University’s property is about 114.5 thousand square meters. So, each student has near 15 square meters at his disposal for living and studying.

KNMU campus


All international students have guarantee of accommodation placement services. The hostel system of KNMU is very good. 7 hostels offer accommodation for 3344 students. All rooms are equipped with all necessary furniture. There are several options – private rooms for independent lifestyle and dormitory rooms to enjoy living in a community. All rooms are provided with internet facilities and guard service.

If student takes a University room, he has to sign a contract, which contains basic regulations. Fees for room depend on its size and facilities.

Tuition fees and fees structure

To become MBBS in Ukraine and to get excellent medical education in KNMU, students have to pay next fees:

General medicine/ MBBS Dentistry/ BDS Nursing Premedical course
Duration 6 years 5 years 3 years 10 month
Tuition fee English medium 4800 USD every year 5400 USD every year 3000 USD every year 1700 USD
Tuition fee Russian medium 4500 USD every year 4980 USD every year
Accommodation 600-1000 USD every year 600-1000 USD every year 600-1000 USD every year 600-1000 USD every year
Medical check-up 100 USD every year 100 USD every year 100 USD every year 100 USD every year
Medical insurance 150 USD every year 150 USD every year 150 USD every year 150 USD every year

Additionally, students have to pay one time arrival expenses (transportation, admission, reception, immigration clearance charges, etc.).

World ranking

Kharkiv National Medical University ranks 10021 out of 11,000 universities in the world. In Ukraine KNMU takes 5th place among medical higher educational establishments and the 26th general place in SCPOUS (the scientometrical database). University possesses 47th place among higher educational establishments of Ukraine according to UNESCO “TOP 200”.

Location, address and map

KNMU is located in the center of Kharkov city. Postal address: 61022, 4 Nauky Avenue (former Prospekt Lenina), Kharkiv, Ukraine.

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