Kiev is a capital of Ukraine – country, situated in the eastern part of Europe. It is considered to be cultural, scientific, political business and economical center of the country.

Area – 827 square kilometers, length – about 20 kilometers.

Population of Kyiv (official data) is about 3 million people.

Kiev ZIP (postal) codes are: 01000-06999.

History of Kiev in short

The capital of Ukraine is one of the biggest and oldest cities of Europe.

According to the ancient legends, Kiev (or Kyiv) was founded in the 5-6th centuries by three brothers – Kyi (after who the city was named), Schek and Khoriv and their sister Lybid.

Kyi, Schek, Khoriv, Lybid Monument in Kyiv

A lot of tribes gathered around Kiev during the next centuries, and in the 9th century the city of Kiev became the political center of Eastern Slavs and the capital of the medieval state Kievan Rus.

The city was highly developed, almost 50000 lived there, about 8 markets and 400 churches functioned. But with the death of Vladimir Monomakh (Rus’ Grand Prince) the city along with the state began to decay. It was destroyed during Mongol invasion (1240), then it was under the great influence of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, which was followed by Poland and Russia, with almost no signs of independence.

Only in 19th century Kiev returned its independence from the Russia Empire and became the capital of Ukraine.

In 1921 Kiev became the capital of Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, regaining its independence only seventy years later – in 1991.

Places of interest in Kiev

There is a lot to see in the Ukraine’s capital, so one should take his time and try to visit:

  • About 70 museums;
  • About 70 scientific institutions (5 are international);
  • About 60 bridges;
  • About 60 parks and gardens;
  • 3 film studios;
  • Plenty of monuments, religious places, historical buildings and other Kiev attractions.


Kiev museums will help to know and understand history, culture and traditions of Ukrainian people. There are several dozens of museums in the city, we name some of them.

Kiev Museum of Wax Figures

Kiev Museum of Wax Figures

Address: 29 Peremogy Avenue. The museum presents about 60 wax figures of Ukrainian statesmen, famous artists, writers, singers, sportsmen.

Museum of Cultural Heritage

Museum of Cultural Heritage Kiev

Address: 40B Moskovskaya Street. The museum’s collection consists of about 3000 exhibits, demonstrating the works of Ukrainian artists, lived or living abroad, and presenting information about them.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life

Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life Kiev Pirogovo

Address: Pirogovo village. The open-air museum situated in a small village to the southwest of the capital, was founded in 1960s. It features the collection of folk architecture from all Ukrainian regions. The museum hosts craft festivals in summer and autumn.

State Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art

State Museum of Ukrainian Decorative Folk Art in Kiev

Address: 9 Lavrska Street. The museum has a large collection of Ukrainian folk art, consisting of 75000 exhibits. All the kinds of Ukrainian folk art are represented there: ceramics, embroidery, carpet weaving, icon painting, weaving and many others.

National Art Museum of Ukraine

National Art Museum of Ukraine in Kiev

Address: 6 Grushevskogo Street. Founded at the end of 19th century nowadays the museum has a collection of more than 40000 exhibits, among which there are masterpieces of Ukrainian sculpture, painting and graphics from the times of Kievan Rus to nowadays.


Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy

Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy in Kiev

Address: 25 Brovarskoj Avenue. The theatre with innovative and young establishment is known for its experimental performances. But its essential profile is producing classical and new plays of Ukrainian and Russian dramatic art. It is considered to be one of the best Kiev theaters.

National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after T.G. Shevchenko

National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after T.G. Shevchenko in Kiev

Address: 50 Vladimirskaya Street. It is the oldest Ukrainian musical theatre founded in 1867. The National Opera House of Ukraine is the most popular Ukrainian theatre, which often receives awards at different international theatrical festivals.

National Academic Theatre named after I. Franko

National Academic Theatre named after I. Franko in Kiev

Address: 3 Ivan Franko Square. Founded in 1920 in Vinnitsa and moved to Kiev in 1926, this theatre is known for cherishing the traditions of Ukrainian theatre and combining them with features of modern European drama.

Parks and gardens

Kiev Zoo

Kiev Zoo

Address: 32 Peremogy Square. Founded in 1908 and having only 17 kinds of animals, now Kiev Zoo occupies the territory of forty hectares and allows more than 2 thousand fauna representatives live in comfortable conditions.


Kyiv Hydropark
Kyiv Hydropark

Location: Venetian and Dolobetsk islands. Hydropark in Kyiv is an entertainment complex with many different activities: boating, beaches, water attractions. It was opened in 1968.

Other Kiev tourist attractions

Sightseeing in Kiev should also involve visiting the most important historical and religious places.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Address: 15 Lavrska Street. Also known as ‘Kiev Monastery of the Caves’, it is a complex made up from various sights and buildings. Among the most famous structures is the Holy Trinity Church (or Troitskaya Nadbramna Church) constructed during 1106-1108 years. One should also visit the Near Caves and the Far Caves exhibiting hundreds of archaeological artifacts.

Askold’s Grave

Askold’s Grave in Kiev

Address: Askold Grave Park. It is a historical park on the right bank of the River Dnieper, created in 1930s, marking the place where Prince Askold (the son of Kiev founder Kyi) was killed and buried in 9th century.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate in Kiev

Address: 40A Volodymyrska Street. This unique fortification architecture monument was constructed in 1017-1024 and was used as a main entrance to Kyiv. Currently the Golden Gate serves as a museum.

Kiev universities

The capital of Ukraine has the largest concentration of educational and research institutions. Among the top Kiev universities:

  • Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University.
  • Kyiv National Economic University.
  • National Technical University of Ukraine (Kyiv Polytechnic Institute)
  • National University ‘Kyiv-Mohyla Academy’.
  • Kyiv State Linguistics University.

Tourist information about Kiev

Airports and stations

There are two main international airports in Kiev:

  • Boryspil International Airport situated 29 kilometers to south-east of Kiev. It is considered to be the main gateway of the country, because most international flights are operated to and from Boryspil.
  • Kiev Zhulyany International Airport. It is located 8 kilometers from capital’s city center but is used by fewer passengers.

There are also several railway stations (Kiev Passenger Railway Station is the largest) and a large number of bus stations (Podol, Vydubichi, Yuzhnaya, Polesye).


Public transportation in Kiev includes:

  • Underground (Kiev Metro).
  • Trolleybuses.
  • Buses.
  • Trams.
  • Taxi.


If you are thinking about where to stay in Kiev, the city provides you with many and many hotels. Among the top Kiev hotels:

  • Premier Palace Hotel.
  • Opera Hotel.
  • Fairmont Grand Hotel.
  • InterContinental.


List of top 5 Kiev restaurants:

  • Belveder (1 Dnieprovsky Spusk). Cuisine: International.
  • Kureni (4 Park Alley). Cuisine: Ukrainian.
  • Kazbek (30a Lesi Ukrainki Boulevard). Cuisine: Georgian.
  • Pizzeria Napule (9 Mechnikova Street). Cuisine: Italian.
  • Spotykach (16 Volodymyrska Street). Cuisine: Ukrainian.

Weather in Kiev

The Ukrainian capital is known to have humid continental climate. The coldest months are winter months December, January and February with subfreezing temperatures (mean winter temperature -5-1 °C). The warmest months are June, July, August (mean summer temperature 14-25 °C).

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