Typical Ukrainian women

There is a stereotype concerning the description of a typical Ukrainian woman that she has “black eyebrows and brown eyes” like in outstanding Ukrainian song “Ochi chornye” («Black eyes»). But practically this cliché turns out to be old, as there is a great variety of fair-haired and dark-haired Ukrainians with blue, green or grey eyes.

Theoretically, the appearance and traits of all Ukrainian women can be divided into several types depending on region of their origin.

Southern anthropological area

Lower Dnipro type: dark-haired women with cheerful nature

Lower Dnipro Ukrainian woman

The inhabitants of southern regions, such as Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhia are mostly dark-haired and dark-eyed with straight nose and oblong face.

They inherited their appearance from the Scythian-Sarmatian tribes and Turkish nomads (proto-Bulgarians). It is commonly believed that southern women are more cheerful, optimistic and have easy attitude to life. They received these traits due to their stable lifestyle by the sea and warm climate. Some psychologists state that such women are also witty and businesslike.

Central anthropological area

Fair-haired women with changeable nature

Central anthropological area Ukrainian

The greatest majority of Ukrainian ladies belongs to this type. They live in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Poltava, Sumy, Kharkiv, Kropyvnytsky and Dnipro regions.

Ukrainian women from central regions are usually of average height and have medium-sized face with small cheekbones and eyes, round head and fair hair.  In some regions they are dark-haired with dark eyes.

From the ancient times the territory of Ukraine was the crossroads of trade routes, where blood was blended by various tribes and races, such as Trypillians, Iranians, Scythians, Greeks and local proto-Slavic tribes. That`s why the appearance of Ukrainian women from the central area has “average characteristic”.

Ukrainians from Central regions are usually controversial and have a great imagination and fantasy. Mood and health swings are also inherent to such ladies that is explained by flat territory with great opportunities and the lack of any barriers.

Danube type: individualists with European roots

Danube type Ukrainian

This subtype of central Ukrainians takes the second place by majority and represents such regions as Khmelnitsky, Vinnytsia and partly Ternopil. Characteristic features of such women are europeoid traits: long and narrow face, straight and thin nose, fair hair and dark eyes. Women inherited such traits from their ancient ancestors – Celtic and Thracian tribes.

The temper of Danube Ukrainians is changeable, headstrong and sometimes skeptical.

Northern anthropological area

Polessky and Volyn types: esthetes with medieval appearance

Polessky and Volyn type Ukrainian woman

The inhabitants of such regions as Kyiv (partly), Volyn, Rivne, Zhytomyr, Lviv and Ternopil (partly) have mostly fair hair, blue or grey eyes and medium height. They have an active life position and well-developed esthetic feeling. Such women are also emotional, dynamic, vigorous and sanguine.

Higher Dnipro type: nature lovers with rare eye colors

Highern Dnipro type Ukrainian women

This anthropological type is very rare for Ukraine and can be met only on the north of Chernygiv region in Repkinsky district. Their distinctive features are very light eyes and hair, which are untypical for Ukrainians. Such women are quiet enough and cheerful. They are in harmony with nature, which is prosperous on the north of Ukraine.

Western anthropological area

Carpathian type: dark hair and harsh temper

Carpathian type Ukrainian

Carpathian Ukrainians can be met in Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Ternopol regions. Their appearance differs from typical Ukrainian women: they are of short stature, have round-shaped head, narrow prolonged face, straight forehead and convex nose. Their hair and eyes color is very dark.

Scientists call Carpathian inhabitants “a bridge between Ukrainian people and ethnic groups from Central and Southern Europe”, for their external similarity with neighboring Balkan people.

Carpathian women are patient, cautious, persistent and strong in spirit. They have optimistic outlook on life, playful character and friendliness.

Traits that help Ukrainian women to be the best wives in the world

A lot of foreigners are ready to overcome thousands of kilometers to have a date with Ukrainian women, to win their hearts and to get married. To find out why Ukrainian ladies are so popular with men all over the world we made a list of their merits.

  • Beauty. It’s not a secret that Ukrainian women, as well as other eastern European women and girls, are considered to be the most beautiful in the world. Some men are attracted by their fine features, others like Ukrainian girls for their glorious smile and twinkly eyes. Nevertheless, why are Ukrainian women so beautiful? As we`ve already mentioned, Ukraine was invaded and attacked by various foreign tribes, which resulted in creating mixed families. And mixed blood, in its turn, resulted in the appearance of modern women in Ukraine.
  • Femininity. This trait is integral in describing a typical Ukrainian woman. It includes the ability to inspire men, to respect herself and her family, to be frail and at the same time to be strong. Ukrainian ladies know perfectly how to present themselves and how to stay always attractive.
  • Maternal instinct. In Ukraine it is commonly believed that an average Ukrainian girl should have already her own family by her 25-27 years. Comparing with women from Europe or America, Ukrainian married women have babies mostly before 30. They are priory ready to devote all their time to children`s upbringing.
  • Sincerity and genuineness. Ukrainian women are known not only for their beauty, but also for easy disposition, sincere feelings and genuine warmth. Emotional aspects often dominate over financial gain.
  • Education. The greatest majority of ladies from Ukraine are well-read with higher education and can carry on any conversation.

Where to meet Ukrainian women or how to find a wife in Ukraine

If you are dreaming of meeting and marrying a Ukrainian woman there are several ways.

Ukraine dating sites

Such sites contain thousands of girls` profiles with pictures and personal information: age, place of residence, interests, hobbies etc. Internet dating has the number of benefits:

  • It’s easier to form first impression about the girl you are communicating with.
  • Online dating allows to communicate simultaneously with several women in order to make finally the right choice.
  • There is a video chat on such sites, which allows to have a virtual date with Ukrainian women online staying in your native country.

However, there are also the disadvantages of online dating sites:

  • The information in girls’ profiles can be partly false or inaccurate, as well as their pictures. Face-to-face meeting usually makes everything clear.
  • Online fraudsters may use girls’ profiles for their money schemes.

Marriage agency in Ukraine

There are a lot of marriage agencies with good reputation, which can help foreigners to find their love in Ukraine. Such agencies also have advantages, even comparing with dating sites:

  • Risk to run into the fraudster is minimal, as all profiles are thoroughly reviewed by agency staff.
  • Most part of marriage agencies in Ukraine has professional translators who can help foreigners to overcome language barrier problems.
  • Marriage agencies use the individual approach to each client and are able to find potential wife according to client`s preferences.

Face-to-face date

If you have a strong willing to marry Ukrainian girl, the best way is to visit Ukraine. It is a wonderful country with friendly people. Don’t be afraid of making acquaintance with Ukrainian beauties in restaurants, clubs or even in the street, as they are open-minded and curious women.

Face-to-face communication is the most convenient way to get to know Ukrainian women, as well as their country, traditions and mentality, better.

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