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Ukrainian airlines carry out great number of flights to all continents. Carriers are constantly developing to provide better service to the clients, to guarantee the Ukrainian airlines safety and to make flights more comfortable. About 77 airlines were registered in Ukraine in 2016, but in reality only about ten of them conduct regular flights. The biggest Ukrainian airlines are “Ukraine International Airlines” and “Dnepravia”.

The Ukraine airlines code is PS.


MAU Ukraine International Airlines
MAU Ukraine International Airlines

“Ukraine International Airlines” run flights not only domestic flights, but international flights as well. It is considered to be the biggest Ukrainian carrier. The main office of the company is situated in Kiev and its hub is in the International Airport “Borispol” in Kiev. Ukraine International Airlines runs passenger flights and cargo flights in such directions: Ukraine, Europe, the USA, Asia, Near East, CIS.

The company was established in 1992 and the first flight was run from Kiev to London and back on November 25, 1992. This date is the date of birth of “Ukraine International Airlines”. Flights, provided by this company have a lot of advantages – they are fast, safe and comfortable. More than that, “Ukraine International Airlines” organized flights to all continents, the most popular directions are:

  • Kiev – Western Europe;
  • Kiev – Near East;
  • Kiev – CIS.

It is possible to travel to almost every European capital with the help of the direct flight, to travel to 80 destinations in Europe, to Middle East and Asia. More than that, it is possible to fly to New York from the Borispol airport.

“Ukraine International Airlines” conduct about 1100 flights every week and cowork with the international partners, which provide flights to 3000 destinations in the world.



The company was established on March 25, 1994 and started its work in April from the first flights in such directions as Kiev – Tel Aviv, Odessa, Larnaka and Athens. The main office and the hub were situated in Kiev, in the international airport “Borispol”. The fleet of the company consisted of 20 airplanes, such as Boeing 737 and Boeing 767. “Aerosvit” cooperated with such world famous airlines as “Delta”, “American Airlines” and “Thai Airways”. In 2011 the company won the title “the Choice of the year” as “the best domestic airline of the year”. Aerosvit” stopped its functioning on March 5, 2013.


“Dniproavia” is the Ukrainian airline that is located in Dnieper.  The company runs regular domestic, international and charter flights. “Dniproavia” was established in the far 1993 and it was a part of the airline “Aeroflot”.  In 1996 the company separated and started its work as an independent unit, with the Dnieper airport as its property. The main route of the company is Dnieper – Kiev.


100% of “Dniproavia” shares belonged to the Fund of the State Property of Ukraine, in 2009 95% of shares were bought by the limited liability company “ Galtera”. The company became a part of the informal air alliance that was headed by “Aerosvit”.  “Dniproavia” aircraft park was used by “Aerosvit” and other companies-partners. The aircraft park consisted of a great number of small airplanes, such as Embraer 145, that were able to operate even international flights with the low loading. Boeing -767 became a part of the company’s park. But after the long standstill in the Dnieper airport, the airplane ran transcontinental flights under the “Aerosvit” flag. In 2010 all international lines with the Boeing-767 were given to the “Aerosvit”. “Aerosvit” stopped its functioning on March 5, 2013 and “Dniproavia” renewed operating regular flights in such directions:

  • Kiev – Dnieper;
  • Dnieper – Moscow;
  • Kiev – Sevastopol;
  • Kiev — Ivano- Frankivsk;
  • Dnieper – Erevan.

Ukrainian Airlines Fleet

The average age of the Ukrainian aircraft park is about 19 years. These data was obtained after analyzing the register of the civil aircrafts of Ukraine, in the number of 94 aircrafts from 12 Ukrainian airlines. The newest airplane in the Ukrainian fleet is Boeing 737-800 UR-PSR that was built in 2016 and the oldest one is 50 years old, it is a plane An-12Б UR 11819 that belongs to “Motor Sich”.

  • The fleet of “Ukrainian International Airlines” consists of 39 airplanes .The average age of of “MAU” airplanes is 13 years. The oldest aircrafts are Boeing-737-300 UR-FAA ( it is 27 years) , 4 Boeings 767 that are 24 years old and 5 Boeings 737-500 that are 25 years old.
  • “Windrose”. The company “Windrose” uses 6 charter aircrafts that are about 15 years old. The newest airplane is A321 UR-WRI, 10 years old and the oldest one is 20 years old, it is A320 UR- WRM.
  • “Dniproavia”. The average age of airplanes is 16 years. The fleet of the company consists of 6 planes Embraer 145.
  • “Azur Air Ukraine”. It is a charter company that uses 3 Boeing 737. The average age of aircrafts is 16 years.
  • “Atlasjet Ukraine”. It is the new airline that owns only 3 airplanes A320 and their age is 17 years.
  • “Dart” owns 3 airplanes that are 19 years old.
  • “Hors” registered 8 aircrafts, the average age is 19 years old. The newest is A319 UR-COP that is 13 years old.
  • “UM air”. The average age of 3 airplanes owned by the company is 22 years.
  • “Yanair” owns 5 aircrafts in their park, the average age is 23 years old.
  • “Bravo” registered 5 airplanes with the average age 25 years .
  • “Bukovina” owns 5 aircrafts, the newest is 23 years old.
  • “Motor Sich” has 12 airplanes, the newest aircraft was made in 2003 and it is An-140 UR-14005.

Plane tickets and baggage allowance

It is easy to get plane tickets of the leading Ukrainian Airlines. If you are interested in cheap flights to Ukraine, book your tickets beforehand.  There are such types of tickets as Economy class, Premium economy and a Business class. It is possible to appreciate a lot of advantages of the Ukraine Airline business class with the larger free baggage allowance, comfortable spacious seats and a full bar service.

As for the baggage, free baggage allowance is 23 kilograms in Economy and Premium economy classes and 32 kilograms in a Business class. There is also a possibility to save 50% if a client decides to pay the baggage charge beforehand.

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