Ukrainian girls

It is really hard to try to describe an average Ukrainian lady. She is beautiful, thrifty, charming, both sincere and deceitful, frivolous and faithful, easy and unapproachable. Ukrainians are often smart, sometimes greedy and envious, often materialistic but they prefer to hide this feature from potential husbands. There is something about these girls which impresses foreigners but Ukrainian men ignore.

What are they like

  • It is very unlikely that there are prettier women anywhere else in the world than in Ukraine.
  • Best housewives. Ukrainian ladies are good cooks. They are also best at keeping their houses clean and building things for a living. Cooking recipes and helpful tips go from generation to generation.
  • Ukrainian girls are emotional and passionate. They are able to forgive, understand and support.
  • Ability to find way out of difficult situations, solve serious problems and lead men to success – are the features which help Ukrainian women survive even in the hardest times.
  • Maternal love. The way Ukrainian mothers treat their babies is admirable. One can hear many songs about endless love and warmth while bringing up children.
  • Working capacity. Main word used by writers when describing Ukrainian women is diligence. Many women have several jobs to support their children meanwhile to remain loving and caring wives.
  • Ukrainian girls enjoy dancing and singing. Almost every girl is artistic and has good sense of humor.
  • Respect to parents and religiousness. It is typical of Ukrainian women to appreciate, love and respect parents and generation traditions.
  • Eagerness to family creation. Since childhood most girls dream to create a happy family and home comfort, to raise children.

How to spot a Ukrainian girl

  • If you see a girl wearing leather pants, high heels, a shiny top and big earrings most likely she is Ukrainian. These women look great everywhere even if there is no special event.
  • Even though they have good sense of humor they don’t smile at everyone. Ukrainian ladies are reserved.
  • They pay too much attention to hairstyle and make-up.
  • A typical Ukrainian is a tall blonde with blue eyes and nice cheekbones.
  • It might be a stereotype but Ukrainians prefer strong spirits like vodka, tequila or whisky.

Modern world and Ukrainian girls

There is a popular belief that Ukrainian girls are only able to work as prostitutes or staff. Basically, according to sociological research more than 100000 Ukrainian women are employed in sex-industry abroad. Image of Ukrainian ladies messed up. News about Ukrainian prostitutes caught somewhere in Turkey is not rare.

There is also another belief that Ukrainian girls are materialistic and work foreigners for money. Why do these stereotypes exist?

  • First of a lot of women have financial problems. They have very low income. An average woman in Ukraine has low salary. Poor state of economics makes women go abroad in search of money. Some see no other perspective and sell their body. At the very least they look for jobs as dancers, waitresses, babysitters or housekeepers.
  • Secondly it is simple mathematics. Many women, few men and even fewer eligible young men – that is the truth which pushes them abroad in search of better life.
  • The last but not the least is social “care pressure”. Family members and friends put Ukrainian girls under pressure to get into serious relationships. Her mother, aunts, grandparents keep asking her when she will get married, why she is single.

To date or to hate

Meeting Ukrainian girls on the Internet is very popular nowadays. Men in Ukraine are lazy and expect women to support them. That is why girls want to move. There are agencies which specialize on searching Ukrainian brides for foreigners. Sure thing not all dates are successful. It happens that girls don’t plan to get married at all. They just want a wealthy admirer who will pay for their ticket abroad, take them to restaurants, give expensive presents and support them financially.

So if a girl refuses to meet a man in person for a long time or looks different than in photos online he is most likely to fall into a trap of a dishonest Ukrainian lady.

Also if a girl is very young and she doesn’t mind dating a man over 40 it is not worth wasting time dreaming about creating a family. Obviously a girl is just searching for financial benefit.

But such cases are exceptions which only prove the rule. There are bad representatives in every nation. Of course there are many decent and honest girls who wait for their love and nice future and are ready to give not only to get.

How to treat Ukrainian girl

  • Be self-assured. Many girls are very self-confident and expect their men to be the same.
  • Use sign language, demonstrate it through your looks, be positive and optimistic about your own life.
  • Be able to take care of yourself. Ukrainian women like independent men and the ones who can be helpful in household.
  • Have a sense of humor. Those who say that Ukrainian ladies do not have sense of humor are wrong. They just like sarcasm, jokes, wordplay and audacity.
  • Mention your family, pet or the way you run your house while chatting.
  • Know the difference between Ukraine and Russia. Unawareness of this fact irritates Ukrainian women.
  • Be ready to deal with the way they behave in a relationship – first they are nice and tender and later start calling the shots. “Take off this stupid shirt – I hate it” or “My Mom is going to live with us, honey”.

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