Ukrainian visa – types, how to get, requirements and fees

Visa to Ukraine for foreign citizens is the official allowance to enter the territory of Ukraine for a definite period of time. This document has several stages of protection, they are: holographic and water stamps, stamp with the serial number.

Information that is depicted in the visa:

  • place where visa was issued;
  • the date of beginning;
  • the last day when visa is valid;
  • number;
  • marking about numbers of entrances to Ukraine “1”, “2” or “ Multi”;
  • type of the allowance;
  • surname;
  • name;
  • passport number;
  • sex;
  • date of birth;
  • citizenship;
  • information about the side that invites.

How to get visa to Ukraine and where

Ukrainian visa
Ukrainian visa

In order to get visa to Ukraine it is necessary to fulfill the following actions:

  • Define a necessary type of the allowing document.
  • Get the invitation to Ukraine.
  • Get to know about embassy demands.
  • Collect all necessary documents.
  • Schedule an appointment at the embassy.
  • Pay necessary consular fees.
  • Compare all data in the visa with yours in order to avoid inaccuracy.

All foreigners that need a visa to Ukraine are welcome to enter the Official site of the Ukrainian Embassy with the more detailed information.  It is possible to fill in the Ukrainian visa application form there.

Ukrainian visa general requirements

In order to guarantee the pleasant trip it is necessary to take care of all formalities and details. At first, it is necessary to know, if you need a visa to enter Ukraine. Then, check if you have a valid passport.  Not all foreigners need a visa to come to Ukraine, but they have to remember that their passport has to be valid on the day when they enter the territory of Ukraine.  If a person needs a visa to Ukraine, then his passport has to be valid three months after the departure from the Ukrainian territory. More than that, it is necessary to prove that you have enough funds to enter Ukraine.

Ukrainian visa policy allows citizens of the following countries to enter the territory of Ukraine without any visas:

  • Azerbaijan;
  • Georgia;
  • Armenia;
  • Uzbekistan;
  • Moldova.

Citizens of European Union countries and 33 countries can enter the territory of Ukraine without a visa, but duration of their visit is limited, they have to leave Ukraine in 90 days and have no right to return to Ukraine during the next three months.

Ukrainian visa types by purpose of travel

Ukrainian visas differ by the purpose of travel. There are travel, business, private, transit, work visa and study visa.

Tourist visa

Tourist visa is one of the easiest to access kinds of visas. Foreigners that come to Ukraine with the tourism purpose get the Tourist visa. This kind of visa is valid for 30 days and allows foreigners to leave the country once or two times. Tourist visa is issued if a foreigner has a Tourist voucher, booking of the hotel, house or a hostel on the territory of Ukraine. It takes the least time to get the tourist visa comparing with other kinds of visas.

Tourist Voucher
Tourist Voucher

Business visa

Business visa is granted on the basis of the invitation from the Ukrainian firm or any enterprise. This kind of visa is granted to businessmen who will take part in various conferences, business meetings and seminars in order to solve important business questions.

Private visa

Foreigners that have close relatives or friends on the territory of Ukraine can get the private visa. In order to get this kind of visa, it is necessary to have an invitation with all details of the host. It is important to underline that this kind of visa allows visiting only one Ukrainian city that is written in the invitation.

Transit visa

Transit visa is granted to foreigners that are going to travel to the third country and Ukraine is only the transit territory. There is no need to have an invitation to get this kind of visa. It is granted to people that have tickets on any kind of transport, that goes through the Ukrainian territory and that have a visa to the destination country.

Work visa

The work visa is granted to representatives of Ukrainian firms that have foreign citizenship, on the basis of the invitation or the official letter from the Ukrainian side. It allows to leave the territory of Ukraine and to cross it many times and is valid from three to twelve months.

Student visa

This kind of visa is granted to students that have signed a contract with the one of the institutions of the higher education of Ukraine that has a right to teach representatives of other countries. This kind of visa is valid from 90 to 365 days. To get the study visa, it is necessary to pay from $50 to $150.

Ukrainian visa types by validity

Ukrainian visas also differ by their validity. There are single entry, double entry and multi-entry visas. Single entry

Single visa allows visiting the country only once. This kind of visa has a limited number of days.

Double entry

Double-entry visa allows to cross the border of Ukraine once or two times. It has a strictly defined passageway and number of staying days that are summing up while entering the country.


Multi entry visa allows entering the Ukrainian territory more than two times. In order to get this kind of visa it is necessary to have an invitation from the Ukrainian side and previous one entry or double entry visas.

Visa fees

Visa fees depend on the kind of visa you want to get. Single-entry visa will cost from $50 to $100 (the price depends on the number of processing days). Double-entry visa cost varies from $80 to $160. Multiple entry visa cost varies from $200 to $400.

Ukrainian visa upon arrival

There is a visa upon arrival in Ukraine. It can be issued upon arrival in such international airports as “Odessa”, “Boryspil” and “Zhuliany” in Kiev.  In order to get it, it is necessary to have an invitation letter, some documents that confirm the tourism purpose (travel vouchers, booking of place of living,) or an invitation from state enterprise, authorities or state institution. This kind of visa is valid for up to 15 days.

E-visa to Ukraine

It is planned to issue the electronic visas in 2017 and their cost will be $65. This kind of visa will be valid for 30 days.

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