Zaporizhia (also Zaporozhye) is a city in the southeastern part of Ukraine, situated on the river Dnieper. The city is the administrative center of Zaporizhia Oblast.

Area of Zaporizhia is about 330 square kilometers.

The population of Zaporozhye is 770 thousand inhabitants.

Zaporizhia ZIP (postal) code: 69000-69600.

History of Zaporozhye in short

It is thought that the territory of modern Zaporizhia was inhabited two or three thousand years ago by Scythians, which in time were replaced by Cumans, Khazars, Pechenegs, Tatars and Eastern Slavs.

Zaporizhia was founded in 952, but had different names and got the city status only in 1806.

In XVI-XVIII Khortytsa Island in the middle of contemporary Zaporizhia was the center of Zaporizhia Cossack Host (Zaporizhian Sich).

Zaporizhian Sich

In 1770 the modern city was established as the Alexandrovskaya fortress to protect the southern part of Ukraine from Turkish invaders. In 1806 Alexandrovaskaya fortress was renamed in the city of Alexandrovsk and only in 1921 the city got his modern name – Zaporozhye.

Before the World War II the city was highly developed industrial center. In 1941-1943 Zaporizhia was occupied by German Army. Reconstruction of the city continued until 1960s.

Zaporozhye gained independence with all the rest of Ukraine in 1991.

Today Zaporozhye is one of the largest cities of Ukraine, important industrial and economical center, river port and railway hub.

Places of interest in Zaporozhye

Zaporozhye has a rich history and many cultural and religious sights.


Zaporizhia Regional Lore Museum

Zaporizhia Regional Lore Museum

Address: 29 Chekistiv Street. The museum was founded in 1921. During the World War II almost all the museum collections were lost. Now the collection consists of more than 110 thousand exhibits, many of them are connected with Kozatsvo (Cossacks) history. There are also unique artifacts of Scythian and medieval times.

Arms History Museum

Arms History Museum

Address: 189 Lenina Avenue. This private museum is unique in Ukraine and one of the biggest weapon history museums in Europe. The collection consists of more than 4000 exhibits, presenting fire and cold arms from the Stone Age until the World War II period.

Museum of Zaporizhian Cossacks

Museum of Zaporizhian Cossacks

Address: Khortytsia Island. The museum was built in 1983. The expo area was portraying Khortytsia in ancient times, Zaporizhian Cossacks history, and history of the city at Soviet Union times. Now the museum exhibits show the period from the Stone Age down to the 20th century.


Magara Academic Drama Theatre

Magara Academic Drama Theatre

Address: 41 Lenina Avenue. The theatre was founded in 1929. The basis of the repertoire consists of classic and modern Ukrainian drama. In August 2004 this theatre got the status ‘academic’. Today it is one of the best Ukrainian theatres with great architecture and technical equipment.

Theatre of Horse Riding ‘Zaporozhian Cossacks’

Theatre of Horse Riding Zaporozhian Cossacks

Address: Khortytsia Island. Equestrian theatre is a folklore-ethnographic ensemble located in the south-east part of legendary island. The actors perform acrobatic and gymnastic exercises with stunts on horseback. The actors wear traditional Cossack costumes, use medieval weapon. After the show viewers can take lessons of horseback riding.

Parks and gardens

Zaporizhia City Children Botanic Garden

Zaporizhia City Children Botanic Garden

Address: 11 Charivna Street. The garden was founded in October 1958, when the volunteers planted first trees and bushes in the waste land. About ten years later first greenhouses were built. Now the collection of the garden consists of thousands flora species, and the garden is visited by children and adults from all over the country.

Central Park (Dubovy Gai)

Dubovy Gai

Address: Glisserna Street. The park was officially opened in 1959. Now the area of the park is about 55 hectares. There is a lot to do for city-dwellers and guests of Zaporizhia: children like amusement rides, teenagers feeding the swans in the lake, adults walking in shady aisles.

Other Zaporozhye tourist attractions

Zaporizhia Oak

Zaporizhia Oak

Address: Upper Khortytsia. This 700 years old oak tree is a tourist attraction, botanic monument and from 2010 onwards the National tree of Ukraine. In 2001 the historical and cultural center ‘700-year-old Zaporozhye Oak’ with a chapel and an open-air theatre was opened near the tree location.

Dnieper Hydroelectric Station (DnieproGES)


Address: 1 Vintera Boulevard – Lenina Square. This dam is the largest power station on the river Dnieper. The construction of DnieproGES began in 1927 and finished in 1932. During the World War II the dam was destructed, but rebuilt in the end of 1940s with power generation renewed in 1950. In 1980 the second powerhouse was added to the functioning one. Nowadays the dam is privatized; it is still producing electricity and is used by traffic.

Zaporozhye universities

Zaporizhia is considered to be one of the major Ukrainian scientific and educational centers.

There are four main universities, where students from many countries of the world go into higher education:

  • Zaporizhia National University.
  • Zaporizhia State Medical University.
  • Zaporizhia National Technical University.
  • Zaporizhia State Engineering Academy.

Tourist information about Zaporozhye

Airports and stations

Zaporozhye International Airport is located within the city limits at about 15 kilometers from its central part. It includes domestic and international flights. Ukrainian aircraft engine factory Motor Sich has its base in the airport. The airport needs reconstruction.

The city has two railway stations:

  • Zaporizhia-the-First. Central station, located in the southern part of the city. It is a part of the transit route from North to South Moscow-Simferopol.
  • Zaporizhia-the-Second. The line connects industrial cities of the south-eastern part of Ukraine (Donetsk and Kryvoi Rog).

There are also two bus stations in Zaporozhye – Zaporizhia-1 (Central Bus Station) and Zaporizhia-2 (for local transportations).


Public transportation in Zaporizhia includes:

  • Trams.
  • Trolleybuses.
  • Buses.
  • Taxi.


The city of Zaporizhia provides visitors with many decent places to stay at. Among the most popular hotels of the city:

  • Four Points by Sheraton.
  • Teatralny.
  • Reikartz.
  • Intourist.
  • Slava.


Among the top Zaporozhye restaurants:

  • Villa Oliva (37 Pobedy Street). Cuisine: Italian.
  • Melrose (147 Lenina Avenue). Cuisine: Mexican, Italian, American, Japanese.
  • Korchma (135 Lenina Avenue). Cuisine: Ukrainian.
  • Fish Café (107 Lenina Avenue). Cuisine: Mediterranean, European.
  • Rosemarine (8 Shevchenko Boulevard). Cuisine: Italian.

Weather in Zaporozhye

The climate of the city is moderate continental, arid. The hottest months are July and August, the coldest – January and February. There are about 225 sunny days in year (average).

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